Kyle’s 1st Trophy -Soccer Bobble Head Style!

Really. A trophy with a soccer bobble head. Hilarious, adorable and very cool all at the same time.


My little 4 year old was so thrilled yesterday when he received his very 1st trophy. This was his 1st year to play on a soccer team and he just had the most marvelous experience. I’m SUPER proud of him and only wish we found this league earlier but somehow we never knew about it. Can you tell how happy Kyle is with his new treasure?


Being the youngest, he’s always seeing his sister earn her bling and succeed in sports, so it felt so wonderful for Kyle to be the one in the limelight. Kenzie was always so great about cheering for the little guy too – and insisted we get to this last game. She had the two of us rushing to his last game immediately after swim practice and we literally RAN to the field from the parking lot.

FYI for my local friends, Kyle joined the Phoenixville Area Soccer Club and I highly recommend it. Every Saturday we did 1 hour sessions with 30 mins of specific practice & drills for all kids – no matter team they were on everyone followed the same curriculum – and the practice was followed by a 30 minute game. It was super and Kyle loved it. He even managed to score a few goals during the season which was very exciting for him and his cheering fans – Kenzie, Mom and Dad.



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