Lava Lava Beach Club : Why My Kids Are Itching To Go Back To Hawaii

This past April, my family and I were fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii’s Big Island.  You never really know what your kids are going to take away from a vacation such as that as some activities I think they’re going to love, they could care less and vice versa.  I can honestly say that I had no expectations for the Lava Lava Beach Club as we happened to simply stumble upon it while walking along the beach. Seemingly hidden, but located just 19 miles from Kona International Airport, Lava Lava  turned out to be a fantastic find and a real standout on a trip filled with truly memorable experiences.

1.  Bean Bag Games

Aside from the restaurant, the club also boasts four free standing, air conditioned cottages.  Your view is the ocean, the sand your front yard and your beach front entertainment is the most fantastically unsophisticated game of bean bag toss. No batteries, no screens, no flashing lights, yet the kids flock to it and socialize, take turns without arguments and have an absolute blast.  If I thought it would work the same way in my own backyard I’d get one, but somehow I think the surroundings play a major part.


2.  Nightly Music & Dancing

Each evening a new entertainer, accompanied by a hula dancer, is featured.  Kids are encouraged to come up and dance and during one of our dinners, the dancer even taught and led the kids through a routine which they proudly performed for the crowd.


3.  Sunsets, Flying Fish and Turtles

Kids are encouraged to order their dinners as soon as they arrive, so right away they’re taken care of.  When they’re done, aside from the bean bag toss, there are the elements to keep them happy.  Turtles slowly make their way on shore to rest, fish fly through the air as through they’re acrobats, and the sunsets we’re typically too busy to sit and watch at home make for a most gorgeous backdrop signifying the end to another incredible day.

Lava Lava Beach Club

69-1081 Ku’uali’i Place

Waikola, Hawaii 96738

(808) 769-LAVA (5282)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elise Edwards began her career writing, producing and reporting for CNN.  She later served as the Supervising Producer of E! Networks, “The Daily 10” and has most recently been freelance writing for websites and magazines including LA Weekly, Los Angeles Confidential, JustLuxe, and San Diego Family.  She lives with her husband, two children (ages 3 and 4), and Tibetan Terrier in beautiful Santa Monica, CA where she enjoys days at the beach, long walks along Montana Ave and  writing for her parenting blog,  Follow her on Twitter @luxeangelesmom

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  1. Thank you, Elise, your post is great! We wanted to go to Hawaii this fall, but went to San Diego instead. But it looks like we must go there as we planned next time! I can see how much your kids enjoyed the trip!

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