Leapfrog Tag Junior Review

As a fan of Leapfrog’s Tag reading system, I was thrilled to test out the Leapfrog Tag Jr. reading system geared for toddlers aged 2-4 which hit stores this summer. The Tag Jr. uses the same technology as original Tag where your young reader holds a pen with an “optical reader” that will magically dictate and read-a-loud the words on the page. However, the Tag Jr. is basically a scaled down version to better fit younger kids. The Tag Jr. reading device is a small chunky looking alien style critter perfect for toddler’s hands versus the long and lean pen for the original Tag system. Likewise, the library of books is scaled down to better fit the attention spans of active toddlers. Think small chunky board books with only very few words per page. Some of the books only have 1 word per page which is excellent since wherever the child strikes the page, they will hear the word. My 19 month old active and wild toddler took this for a run.He is definitely under age and only has the attention span for about 3 pages of a story if he is reading on his own. However, I see he will grow into this system in the next 6-9 months. He couldn’t be more proud to have his own chunky Tag pen to hold much like his older sister who is somewhat obsessed with her own Tag Reader. Kyle is captivated by turning his critter on and off. The welcome greeting he receives when turning on the Pen that says, “Hello Kyle” and “Goodbye Kyle,” pretty much covers his experience with the Tag Jr. as he can’t resist pressing that button again and again which also makes reading difficult! We only have the Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You board book for him but it is perfect for encouraging my late talker to mimic sounds. I sit with him so we can play the various sounds on each page together which will keep him sitting still for at least a few minutes! Overall, this is a fantastic product and I’d recommend it for anyone with a 2-4 year old interested in reading and with an average to above average attention span. My 4 year old daughter had an incredible attention span even at 12 months so I know she would have adopted this technology at about 18 months perfectly since by Age 3 she was even ready for the regular Tag system.Also, the Tag Jr. is priced $15 lower than the original Tag system and each book is also less expensive so this is easier on the wallet. Even better, as an Ambassador for Leapfrog’s Summer Reading Program, they allowed me to donate both their Tag and Tag Jr. reading systems to libraries and preschools in my community. Talk about a company that believes in giving back! I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to be able to be a little Leapfrog Fairy sprinkling these educational products to preschools in need and our local library systems. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $35

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