Leapfrog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack

Add this to your must have list for your 4-8 year old child this instant. We are beyond impressed with the Tag Solar System Adventure Pack. Yes, you will need a Tag Reader to use this, but otherwise, the $13.99 price point is a total value and practically a steal for the amount of educational fun your child will get using the Tag Solar System Adventure Pack. Your child will get an in depth tour of the Solar System using their Tag pen and the awesome board map of the Solar System with this kit. The board map folds up compact like a book but expands as a large map the kids can use to spread out on the floor and learn about outer space, aliens, planet earth, science, the planets, comets, asteroids, and more! My 6 year old is enthralled with this Solar System adventure pack and can’t stop playing with it. It includes Activities, games, Q&A, and even a musical rendition of the planets from Luna the moon. Each time Kenzie plays with it, I feel like she has a different experience. Solar System also includes 2 levels of learning to accommodate kids 4-8. Take a peek at our video tour here: Disclosure: We received this as a free sample from LeapFrog to facilitate our review. We are also giving a Tag Reader and Leapfrog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack on our giveaway page now thanks to Leapfrog. Enter by 11/15/2011. For more information, click here. Price: $13

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