Learn Animation for FREE with Pixar in a Box #FindingDoryEvent

Wanna be animators and fans of Pixar films will love this FREE opportunity to learn more about Animation directly from the genius team at Pixar. Pixar partnered with Khan Academy to create a plethora of online coursework in Animation that literally takes people STEP by STEP into the science and math that create animation. What I love beyond just developing a program to create better animators and share knowledge for free is that Pixar has also created a way to show regular kids how the stuff they learn in school applies to the real life animator job. Pretty neat huh?

Get started is totally FREE. You just sign up at PixarinaBox.com here for your free online courses from Khan Academy.

Animation Lessons for Homeschoolers or Inspired Students

I think this program would be great for homeschooling parents too as they could tie in lesson plans to specific topics and modules as it applies to science or math lessons kids are learning too. Parents or teachers can track kids progress too!


Learn Animation for FREE with Pixar in a Box

Pixar in a Box Overview

When I came home from LA, I shared this website with my 10 year old daughter and she became OBSESSED with doing the lessons. She honestly spent 2 hours toying around with the website one afternoon – even graphing out equations trying to solve math problems in her lesson plan!  Pretty cool!

When I was in LA, I was able to participate in a demo where I had to learn how to make a ball bounce. After watching the video, the students – aka me or whoever is taking this class online- got an opportunity to use wave function to create bouncing balls – both fast or slow and the lesson lets you see how the changes I made would impact the animation. Great for self learners as after animating the ball and seeing what I did wrong, I could make adjustments to create a better bounce!

pixar in a box tutorial

Take a peek at this quick overview to learn how these online classes work.

Video Demo: How to Animate Water in Finding Dory from Pixar in a Box

With the release of Finding Dory, Pixar in a Box  created some specific tutorials and lessons all about animating water. It’s cool – you see how all these particles come together to from the animation.  AWESOME! The technology and clarity creating such realistic water is pretty darn amazing as those of you have seen the movie can also attest!

I love how Pixar in a Box breaks it down and incorporates their films so everyone can relate even better to the technology lessons. This is super helpful to inspire tweens and teens – or even us adults fascinated with animation and wanting to learn more about the process.

Start here!: Overview of this lesson.

More Water Effects from Pixar in a Box

Get started at PixarinaBox.com here for your free online courses from Khan Academy.

Finding Dory Movie Trailer

If you haven’t seen Finding Dory yet, swim to your local theater ASAP so you don’t miss out seeing this beautiful animation on the big screen.

Note: Disney covered my travel expenses to LA for the Finding Dory Red Carpet event and Disney press junket. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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