Little Girls Love Curls

Thanks to Remington, not just Moms, but also little girls who attended Style School got to experience the luxury of having a stylist do their hair.

Using tools from their new affordable Style Solutions Remington line, priced between $20-29, everyone got glam with those natural looking waves we’re all pining after that the celebrities sport daily!

My 5 year old Kenzie, 5 going on 13, had a field day getting her hair done. As did so many other little girls.

Here is Kenzie’s before pictures:

Here is her after photos:

They used the All in One Iron on her hair – this is my favorite tool that I tried out on Saturday as it is so versatile – it can be used to both curl or flat iron your hair, plus you can adjust the width of the iron for bigger or smaller curls. Fabulous!


A few more girls getting beautiful.


My favorite quote came from Madison here. When I told her she was going to love how her looked and just die when she saw it, Madison said, “I’m already dying inside!”




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