Live Blogging at the Martha Show!!!!

Here’s our group of Philly Moms for our adventure at the Martha Stewart show. The studio and set is seriously very awesome. Bright Lights. Gorgeous Kitchen, Craft Area, and Sun Room Gardening area.

Hooray! I’m at the Martha Show with about 20 bloggers from Philly and tons of other bloggy peeps. The connection is super slow so we’llsee how much I can actually blog or tweet during the show. Can’t wait to find out if we’ll have a mystery guest. ( Brian Williams from NBC was supposed to be attending, but he is reporting on the tragedy in Haiti. )
Here’s Philly Burb Mom and I before the show!
They just taught us all how to clap it up here and there before Martha entered the studio. And yes, she does look beautiful in person along with her daughter Alexa Stewart. Their explaining their bloggy styles. And I think it is very cool that Martha is so tech aware and an avid blogger.Very cool.
Martha “chided” Alexa for not blogging as frequently as she should. Very interesting as I get that comment all the time from people too – and I think from now on I’ll give them the same answer Alexa just shared with her Mom. This was the one comment I appreciated from Alexa, otherwise, she did not seem to thrilled to be participating, although her blogging partner Jennifer Hutt was a full of life and seemed more than pleased to be chatting Martha up.
Alexa commented that it is important not “blog all the time” as you need to live a life to have something to blog about. I could not agree more!!!!! Love it.
Next we all watched a cooking demo for Pad Thai – I will promise to try to make it. And we just found out we’ll all go home with a Foodie packet! Can’t wait.
Excellent Tip from Martha – After icing a cake, she shared with us all that when you slice it – NEVER remove the 1st piece you slice 1st. Always cut a 2nd piece, and remove that one first. Looks like this helps keep the form of the cake looking better and prevents the crumbling and mess that I always seem to generate whenever I slice and serve anything!
We watched some crafting with the fellow who has a blog dedicated to Martha Moments. If you are a Martha fan, check out his blog! Very cute.
********* Martha rocks. Invited “Hire Me Martha” blogger to spend the day with her team to get some hands on experience. I hope this girl gets her dream job!
That’s all folks. Our prize package was the adorable Pim’s cookbook. Excellent but a bit complicated for a novice like me. Wish we got a bigger foodie prize package as I would have adored Martha’s Cookbook since I need help with the basics.

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