Live Poo Free & Wipe it All Away

As a member of the Huggies Poo Free Parent Squad, I’ve been wiping away the poo and so much more with those plushest of plush Huggies wipes. Yes these wipes are THICK which is why I prefer them over other options on the market. With a thick plush wipe, I’ve got a far less chance of ending up with any stray poo on my fingers! And in my house these wipes serve many functions beyond poop.

As you can see in my Poo Free video above, we go through a lot of wipes in my house!

Perfect for wiping dirty faces and in a crunch you can really scrub a dub dub your dirty toddlers with these wipes without even hitting the tub.

Disclosure: I am being compensated for my participation as an ambassador in the Poo Free Summer campaign.  All of the statements I make regarding Huggies products are my honest opinions and not influenced by compensation.

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