Loving My New Bathroom Granite and Undermount Sinks #HomeMakeovers

I’m thrilled with how our simple and easy bathroom renovation updated the look of this entire space. The addition of this “Blue Pearl” black granite looks fabulous and matches the colors in my Master bath perfectly! We’ve lived in our home for 11 years so it’s high time for some renovating and updating! Over the past 2 years I’ve been focusing on various projects room by room to modernize and stylize as our house is 17 years old so certain things – like our awful bathroom sinks, faucets, and counters were totally outdated!

I still need to update my mirrors and lighting which I am currently in the process of doing, but obviously needed to get the granite finished first so I can pick out items that match the new look. I can’t believe I waited so long to get this done. Overall, it was an inexpensive home upgrade that looks a million times better than before since it’s just simply doing my sinks/counters compared to an entire bathroom renovation tearing down showers, tile floors or tubs!

I’ll share photos of our other new bathrooms soon!


Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Bathroom with new Granite Countertops & Sinks

Check out these before and after photos – it really is amazing how much better our new bathroom looks! If you are thinking of a bathroom makeover and getting new granite for your bathroom vanities, here are some things to consider:

1. Can you use your existing cabinets? This will make your project much cheaper!

If there is something you don’t like about your existing cabinets that is superficial, like knobs or color, remember painting cabinets is a super option and getting new knobs is simple and will create a much more stylish trendy look. In our master bathroom, we kept our existing cabinets since their current size met all of our current needs.  For the other bathrooms, we did need to update the cabinets as they currently didn’t function the way we wanted them too as they didn’t have enough drawers or cabinets.

2. What size sink do you want? 15 inches or 17 inches are the options. Remember the new styles are undermounted so you have more room, however, in a smaller bathroom the 15 inch sink is plenty big so if you want counter space, opt for the 15 inch.

3. What color should your sinks be? Typically white or bone are the options. I went with white  to match my bathroom and I think this always works with any color granite and will match any other future renovating we might ever consider too.

4. What type of faucets do you want? When they do the template for your bathroom, let them know if you want a single hole faucet which is VERY trendy and cool right  now This also conserves a lot of space if you have a tighter bathroom. In a larger bathroom you can go with an 8 inch spread and then they will drill 3 holes into your granite to ultimately place your new faucets.

New Granite Countertop and Faucets  in our Master Bathroom


To maintain a more reasonable budget, we kept our white master bathroom cabinets and opted to just swap out our old counter and sink with new Granite and a white under mount sink. I chose a black granite called “Blue Pearl” for it’s blueish and green highlights and sparkles. I went with 17 inch sinks and  used an 8 inch spread for our faucets since we have a large vanity with lots of room.


BEFORE Photos of our Master Bath Sink and Faucets

Ugh! Check out the old bathroom. We kept our cabinets as the white matches the white tile in the bathroom and I had updated our brass knobs to black a few years ago as that was an easy fix i could do myself – about $30 and a few minutes with a screwdriver took care of that renovation!




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