Lysol Power & Free Bathroom Cleaners Review

We had the chance to review the new line introduced by Lysol –  Lysol’s “Power and Free” line of cleaners now available at Walmart.

So…what’s new and different about Lysol’s Power and Free Cleaners?

The big difference is that Lysol Power and Free cleaners are free of Chlorine Bleach.


These Lysol Power and Free cleaners include hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. This means they do not have the harsher style chemical smell that is classic with products containing chlorine bleach ingredients, however I definitely still note a potent cleansing scent while scrubbing down my bathrooms – just not the classic cleaning scent I’m accustomed to smelling while cleaning. The hydrogen peroxide releases micro bubbles to break down all the mess and yuck to help get your bathroom clean.

The products worked great and I especially liked the Bathroom Cleaners – both the spray and easy convenient style “wipes”. The Bathroom wipes are super for very easy quick clean up – perfect for a downstairs powder room and to keep in the kids bathroom in order. If your kids are like mine, their sinks require constant wiping down of all those piles of goopy toothpaste.

The Lysol Power and Free products available that we reviewed include the following- a multi purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bathroom wipes, and toilet bowl cleaners. Here’s a video demo on my dirty Bathroom sink – Before and After as I clean up – super easy to clean and the Lysol did the work for me so I didn’t have to use any elbow grease to get rid of soap scum and toothpaste stains.

And of course, most importantly to me – especially when your talking cleaning in and around a toilet – is that Lysol Power and Free cleaners kill 99.9 % viruses when left on a hard surface for 10 minutes.

Here’s a list of the ingredients in the Lysol Power and Free bathroom cleaner too – you’ll see there’s no chlorine bleach included.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Walmart. Lysol and Walmart sent us samples to facilitate our video review feature and we were compensated for our time. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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