How To Do Escape Rooms at Home? Hot Family Game Alert: MacGyver Escape Room Game Review

Check out our MacGyver Escape Room Game Review! Do you love family game night? Are you looking to do an escape room activity with your family? The MacGyver Escape Room game is a fantastic choice for family game night and lets you do an escape room from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of bringing your family to an official “Escape Room” venue. Priced at under $30 this is a genius gift idea and well worth the cost as a gift to yourself too!  Fabulous family team building, cooperative fun and it’s exciting to solve each mission included in the game!

 How To Do Escape Rooms at Home

 How To Do Escape Rooms at Home

We’ve bought escape room kits from Etsy that we’ve tried to do for birthday parties, but nothing has been as fun to do at home as the MacGyver Escape Room game. Easy to use, super interesting and challenging too! We definitely recommend the MacGyver Escape Room Game. Classy Mommy Approved!

Check out the MacGyver Escape Room Game at Amazon for only $29.

MacGyver Escape Room Game Review

This cool game comes complete with 5 MISSIONS! Each mission can be completed in essentially 1 hour or less.

Before you play, you make sure you do NOT open up any of the key ingredients in each mission kit as you must follow everything in order, just like an escape room.

To get started, it’s super easy, you just literally log in online at  and choose your level of difficulty.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 4.48.52 PM

Choose your level of difficulty.

Easy – Not Timed

Medium -75 mins (We chose medium)

Hard – 45 mins

We did finish in just about 45 minutes, but doing 75 gave us a nice cushion!

Check out the goodies you’ll use in the Lab to help MacGyver solve his mission and escape the room!

 How To Do Escape Rooms at Home

It’s very important to go step by step so you don’t mess up the process or get the wrong clues to soon. We had many puzzles to solve! From word scrambles to math, you’ll definitely need to use your thinking caps and the tools they provide (like a mirror for Mission 1) to escape the room!

 How To Do Escape Rooms at Homemacgyver escape room reviewOur overall impression was that this is a super option for family game night and for the ESCAPE ROOM experience at home. Lots of problem solving and team work to finish the game.



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  1. I agree with the blog as I am also a huge fan of the escape room game. I think it is the best activity that you can do with your friends as it helps a lot of team building and just bringing everyone closer.

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