“Made in the USA” Gift Ideas

Gifting a Made in the USA item is always a win. With Mother’s Day around the corner, Walmart send me a few of their cute ideas for Mom this spring that are from their Made in the USA collections. Walmart has made big efforts to source more and more products that are Made in the USA to have a positive impact on our economy and support US made products. I love this initiative and I love finding out what products are actually “Made in the USA”. Check out some of their “Made in the USA” Gift Ideas below.

“Made in the USA” Gift Ideas

I’m adoring this birdhouse that is now hanging on my deck and is like a magnet for beautiful birds!



You can shop Walmart’s Made in the USA collection here.  

Positive Impacts of Walmart’s Made in the USA Efforts

Read the official details on Walmart’s global corporate responsibility efforts for their Made in the USA goals here.

·         Producing products closer to the point of consumption allows Walmart to  react quicker to customer demand and drive costs out of the system on items like transportation, energy and inventory

·          Walmart’s pledge is to buy an additional $250 billion in American products. In the past two years since announcing this new initiative, the $250 billion commitment is making an impact in communities around the country and helping put people back to work. Walmart has seen communities revitalized and factories built.

·        Walmart has some amazing U.S. – made products in our stores that support American jobs – and Walmart.com carries an even broader selection of those items.

Last summer, Walmart hosted its first-ever Open Call event. In one day, Walmart held over 900 meetings with more than 500 companies looking to sell their U.S.-made products to Walmart. And we are doing it again on July 7, 2015. Open Call is one of the ways Walmart is being aggressive in finding great products for our customers while also helping create jobs in our communities.

Other cute and simple items Walmart sent that are made in the USA are these comfy running socks, seeds, and this cute pot. Kyle has already had great success in less than 5 days getting his flower seeds to start sprouting!



Walmart Moms 2014 Spring Disclosure

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