Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Printable Poem

Check out our Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Printable Poem below. My kids love sneaking out into the yard on Christmas Eve to leave this magical food to attract the reindeer and making it every year is a fun family tradition too!

Magic Reindeer Recipe and Printable Poem

This year, 9 year old Kenzie even wrote her own poem with instructions on what to do with your Magic Reindeer food to attract Santa’s crew when the sleigh comes to visit. Isn’t it sweet?

You can print this and attach it to little Reindeer food baggies if you do this as a craft activity with kids in the classroom or on a playdate.

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Printable Poem

Magic Reindeer Food Ingredients

Sweet and simple. Dry oats and whatever holiday color glitter your little elves desire. 


Red, Silver, Green or Gold. You can pick up large bottles of glitter at your local Walmart in the crafts aisle. I recommend using more glitter than you might originally anticipate too as it really takes a good amount of glitter to pop out when mixed in with all those fresh tasty oats the Reindeer are sure to love.



Magic Reindeer Food Display Ideas

After you mix your Reindeer food with your children or if you choose to gift it to friends, you can can either leave it in a bowl, put portions in a ziploc bag and tie it with a ribbon or even use these cute Clear Colored Globe ornaments to hold your Reindeer food. The clear ornaments are only $0.96 at Walmart! What a steal and cute way to store your Reindeer food before Christmas Eve too!



Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Feel free to print our Magic Reindeer Food Poem to share with your friends, students, or children as you celebrate the magic of the season.

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Printable Poem

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