McDonald’s New White Hot Chocolate McCafe drinks for the Holiday Season #MomMixer @McDPhilly

The weather outside is getting chilly! So we’re all over Hot Chocolate and the like in our family as we bundle up to keep warm. McDonald’s has a brand new line of delicious White Chocolate drinks for the holiday winter season which they showcased at our Holiday Mom Mixer at the Franklin Institute by giving everyone free coupons so they could go for a taste test.
Take a peek at the flavors of white chocolate Mc Cafe drinks available.
White-Chocolate-Collection-McDonalds McCafe

My kids and I went out fora  delicious White Hot Chocolate. Yum!


We loved teaming up with Mc Donald’s again for our holiday Mom Mixer. It’s always great to learn about how they are making their ingredients fresher too!


McDonald’s Mom Mixer Video Chat

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