Meatball Subs for the Win #MeatballMasters

Yum! Check out my quick and easy meatball sub dinner idea using the Crock Pot and Johnsonville® Meatballs created as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

I love easy quick meal ideas that require basically 5 minutes of work but still reap tons of enjoyment and accolades from the family. Our favorite when it comes to little work and high taste are meatballs simmered in the crock pot.  Enter the meatball sub!


I love warming meatballs in the Crock Pot all day long as the flavors magnify after simmering in sauce for hours plus the entire family can eat a warm meal whenever their schedule allows if it’s a busy evening where all the kids are running in opposite directions due to after school sports practices.


Johnsonville® Meatballs are some of the best tasting, highest quality frozen meatballs. For on the go busy moms, frozen meatballs are a genius way to serve up some protein during those busy nights with after school activities.  We love that these are made with NO artificial colors or flavors, so I can feel confident about feeding them to my family as I know they are made with REAL ingredients.

Meatballs, sauce, crock pot and a nice bag of rolls create a dinner everyone loves. ‘ll just use 1 jar of pasta sauce – typically whatever I have in the pantry, and then about 1/2 a jar of water so I don’t have to worry about adding extra liquid during the day while they cook.


If we have the time for everyone to eat together we’ll broil our rolls to make them nice and toasty, then top everything with parmesan cheese and garlic powder too!


What’s your favorite go to quick and easy dinner that everyone in your family loves?

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