Memories of Beaches Resort Turks & Caicos

Movie style! If you have never been to a Beaches Resort and you love the Caribbean, you must consider a visit with your family. It’s AMAZING!

Last week I attended a Trumpeting Media R&R event in New York City where Beaches Resort was a sponsor. Visiting the Beaches Resort booth literally just brought back a joyful flood of my ┬ámemories from my personal vacation to Beaches Turks & Caicos for my son’s 4th birthday last year in December 2011.

When I came home I was compelled to revisit all my photos and videos….. WOW! ┬áCan I go on vacation again? I might never come back!

Take a peek at the movie I made to try to give others a taste of the excitement, fun, and countless activities – from swimming to snorkeling to hanging with Sesame Street characters, we did it all. If you like this video, we have a playlist of Beaches Resort Turks & Caicos videos – lots of options to watch from room tours, to character tuck ins with Grover, to snorkeling adventures and more!

This was one of the most relaxing and fun 7 day vacations of our lives. Totally perfect for a family as we didn’t have to plan anything but had lots of activities right at our fingertips. And the best part is that once you arrive at the Beaches Resort – everything is included – food, drinks, snorkeling, kayaking, Sesame shows, and more.

This left lots of time to enjoys the sunsets and snuggle with my cuties.

We danced and celebrated Kyle’s 4th bday with Elmo, the kids got tucked into bed by Grover, they took luxurious bubble baths, and Dad even made it on stage with the Sesame gang which seriously impressed our kids!


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