Mermaid Swimsuit by The Finals

Do your girls love mermaids? Kenzie is CRAZY about them so I knew when I saw this Mermaid Swimsuit by the Finals I had to buy it for her. It looks adorable at swim team practice or on the beach. Kenzie was styling in her mermaid suit in Turks & Caicos last week. With all our travels, we always get lots of questions over email or Twitter about this swimsuit when people see it in photos. So I thought I should share the link to The Finals and a quick video so you can see the suit up close in case you or your kids might like a trendy practice suit for swim team or vacation swimming.


Video of the Mermaid Swimsuit by the Finals

Kenzie loves comfort in the water. Ever since Kenzie joined the swim team at age 6 she ONLY wants to wear official swim team style suits. So, in my quest to find more trendy and stylish practice swim suits that she can wear on the beach or at the pool for fun, I stumbled on the Finals line of “Funnies” and “Funkies”. This mermaid suit is from their 2014 Funnies line.

I bought this Mermaid swim suit for her on sale for only $35 too! What a deal. It has held up beautifully as well since she’s been wearing it for 6 months.

I’ve bought an assortment of really fun sparkly trendy swim team suits from the Finals. Check out the Finals website ┬áif your local swim team shop doesn’t carry anything cool like this for the girls. I was amazed at all the neat stuff I’ve been able to buy for Kenzie. I wish they had suits this cool when I was 8 years old on the swim team!

The Finals offers both Youth and Women’s swim suits. They also sell a “mermaid” 2 piece athletic bikini too. Enjoy!

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