Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Cleaning Products

I heart Mike Rowe from the TV show, Dirty Jobs, on the Discovery Channel. How real is he? And yeah it sure doesn’t hurt that he is a pretty good looking guy. Plus I find all those “dirty jobs” fascinating.

Well now, he launched a line of cleaning products inspired by his show, Dirty Jobs. The idea behind these Heavy Duty cleaning products is to truly cut the grease, grime, set in stains and dirt so we don’t have to work quite so hard to clean up after all the mess and messy people in our own lives.

Take a peek at our video demo introducing the new line that just recently launched this spring. The Dirty Jobs line of cleaning products is now available in store at Walmart stores across the country too.

This is my favorite “indoor” product – the multi-surface cleaner. This also has a very light citrus scent – nothing too overpowering but enough for a fresh cleanser scent that works well in the kitchen. It worked excellent on removing all those crusty piles of crumbs from sticky fingerprints made of syrup and jam thanks to my sweet kids that continually decorate my countertops.


My favorite overall product that we tested is this Heavy Duty Degreaser – which is for serious jobs – like cleaning your deck furniture or yucky tools vs. an everyday surface cleaner like the one shown above. As you can tell from my video, this cleaner removed some SERIOUS DIRT off my deck table.


I admit just the branding of these products and the connection to Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” makes believe the products will work. The line is pretty comprehensive with laundry stain removers (in both powder form and a trigger spray) along with all kinds of hard core Degreasers, bathroom cleaner, and of course multi-surface cleaners that I love to use in my kitchen.

54 thoughts on “Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Cleaning Products”

  1. You and your kids are amazing!! Thank you for your support of our Dirty Jobs line up – you may be the best spokesperson I’ve seen (next to Mike). We can’t till you HOW MUCH we appreciate your support. Spread the word!!!

    PS…Your kids are soooooo cute!!!!!

    Tracy VanBibber – Executive Vice President My Dirty Jobs

    • Ms. Tracy VanBibber ~ Executive Vice President My Dirty Jobs. Where can I, and all the others on here, find the elusive Dirty Jobs products?????? I tried it for the first time, on a shower that has not been used for a year, and it was spotless when I was done. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture. Please let us know where to find it. I have been searching online for hours, to no avail. Thank you!!

  2. I love the Dirty Jobs Degreaser! Unfortunately, I can’t find it here in Jacksonville anymore. Did it get recalled for some reason?

  3. For a short period of time in the summer of 2013 I was able to find the Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty bathroom cleaner in the spray bottle. I am now no longer able to find it at Walmart at all. They have a spray can of the dirty jobs bathroom cleaner but not the spray bottle. I live in the Cocoa area of Florida and would like to know where I can purchase this product now. I have raved about this product to a lot of friends and now it can’t be found. Help!!!

    • Why is it so hard to find Dirty Jobs cleaner spray for the bathroom. Walmart carries the laundry cleaner (when it’s in stock) but not the other cleaner. I bought it once and loved it but can’t remember where they sell it besides Walmart. Lowe’s has discontinued it. This is so disappointing to not be able to find it!

  4. I tried the black bottle degreaser on soot from our old furnace that came up through the door frames and one squirt and the black ran down the baseboard! I was so flabbergasted after having spent the last three years trying to get this greasy soot off, that I spent the rest of the week going through all three floors of the house.
    However, now I am out of this miracle stuff and can’t find it anywhere. Three different Walmarts are out, and I just went on-line and that Walmart website was out. What’s up?
    Oh, by the way, my grand kids love Mike Rowe as much as I do.
    Sincerely, Jayne Bailey

    • Like many of the other comments, I love Dirty Jobs bathroom cleaner with bleach and now cannot find it anywhere except on amazon.com for exorbitant prices. Is there any store at all that carries it? I am in Orange County in New York State.


  5. I’m very disappointed these products are no longer sold at Walmart or Lowes!! I WANT THEM BACK! I clean houses for a living and I can’t use just anything. I never had a problem breathing after a heavy cleaning job using these. Where can I get some? And also the heavy duty carpet ?

    • I worked at Lowe”s and bought the Dirty Jobs spot & stain remover Heavy-Duty Laundry. Love it, Worked great! Where can I purchase it again

  6. Dirty Jobs with Bleach Spray Bathroom Cleaner is the BEST bathroom cleaner I have ever found. Sadly, I was only able to find ONE bottle, which is now gone. I can’t find this great product anywhere. I spend time looking for it online – Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon… , I look for it in any store I am in… it’s nowhere to be found! Does anyone have any suggestions?

  7. Yeah ,, I cant find these products anywhere ,, the bathroom cleaner ,, I used it for everything …. I am very disappointed

  8. I am a caregiver and I use ur laundry stain remover cause my clients have a lot of accidents this stuff is powerful and they can afford it please bring it back along with the other products they work the best and no odor we need mike Rowe products please bring back

  9. I found one can of dirty jobs bathroom cleaner and have not been able to find anymore. So disappointed this stuff works wonders. Please bring it back in the stores or sell it online. From the looks of the comments everyone wants it back

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  11. I absolutely love the dirty jobs bathroom cleaner! Up until a few months ago I noticed I could not find it at Walmart. So with a bit of research and no luck, I decided to check the bottle out and found an 800 #. It is with regret that the lady on the other end reports the whole Dirty Jobs line was discontinued 4 months ago!!!!
    I am so sad because this is truly the only cleaning product that worked and kept my bathroom smelling clean!
    I don’t know why these wonderful products have been discontinued, but we have a right to know why!!!
    Please feel free to call and express your disappointment (855)347-8956

  12. Is it true that these products have been discontinued? I have looked everywhere for them to no avail.
    I will be awfully dissapointed if this is the case. Its the best cleaner I have ever used. Such a shame!

  13. I want all dirty job cleaners back. I used all. The degreaser,bathroom,kitchen,clothes spray and powers. I don’t understand the company of this or Walmart,if they had something to do with it, would cancel something that want stand on the shelve because its that good. We need this to come back to a store or let us buy wholesale.(reasonable)

  14. Has anyone found out why these products are no where to be found? The Dirty Jobs Degreaser was the best boat deck cleaner I have ever used. Dirt, grime, and mildew just vanish. The odd thing is that no one has been able to find out the reason why they are no longer available.

  15. I have tried several of the products from the laundry sprays to the powders to the bathroom products. It is very sad that they are gone. It is very clear that so many of us read the labels followed the instructions and are now paying the ultimate price. They were they Best products I have ever spent money on!! I would gladly have paid double for them. I wish they were back! I hope someone someone does read all of these comments and finds a way to bring them back to us. For once we had a product that actually did what it claimed.

  16. I use to be able to find dirty job cleaner at walmart, but they no longer have it what stores can i find it at. I thought was better than 409 cleaner.

  17. Dirty Jobs is the best product I have found for laundry – I have also tried to find it. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. I can’t live without it!

  18. I just used the last of my dirty jobs stain remover. Now I can’t find it anywhere. This the best stain remover I have ever used. Why is it no longer available? I asked at Wal-Mart but got no answer.

  19. I had been using Dirty job stain remover and it was getting my husband and sons clothes clean and now they are complaining because there clothes aren’t getting as clean with out Dirty Job stain removal . I have checked Walmart and Lowes at least 3 store each with no luck . Sure wish they would get int in again or is there some place else where I may get this .Please Please

  20. Best cleaner I have ever found. Even the teenager in my household loves it. However like others, I have checked Walmarts and Lowes and no luck in finding it. Where can I get some? Has it been pulled off the shelves because it actually works? Please let me know where I can find it.

  21. What happened to availability of Dirty Jobs Products???!!!!’ There is not one product on the market that competes with them. I first bought it at Home Depot, I purchased several so when time to restock came and I went back I was disappointed to find it was gone! I tried Lowes. Ace Hardware, Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Safeway groceries, Raley’s!!!! NO LUCK! Please bring our product back, it works!!!

  22. I have been using the Dirty Jobs laundry powder for years. It was the only thing that got out all the stains from my husband’s ball uniform, my gardening clothes, etc. I checked Lowe’s and Walmart; neither have it any longer. Then I read it was no longer being made. BIG MISTAKE! This was a highly valued product that had a loyal following. The whole line needs to be brought back. Amazon must have found a warehouse who had some, as Amazon has some for sale–at $20 a container. That is ridiculous. You can tell from all of these comments that these products are truly missed.

  23. Mike, love your cleaning supplies but I can’t find them anymore, Walmart stop carrying them, I’m from Tucson Arizona and don’t know where to find your wonderful product!! Help !! Please tell me where I can find it. Sincerely, Melanie from Tucson

  24. Mike we can’t find your product that works great for getting out turtle poop stains out of our clothes we run a rescue service for the large Socata tortoises and leopard tortoises need your product let us know where we can find it help thank you David Tucson Arizona

  25. I have used the heavy duty degreaser for a couple of years and it worked on everything to get grime and grease stains off of just about anything, like magic, literally. I used it on painted baseboard and even diluted a bit to wash my painted walls. This product was gentle but strong. I have the all purpose (green) cleaner, but it doesn’t work as well on grime. Just last night my house was burglarized and the CSI team tried to obtain fingerprints by using a graphite powder that is incredibly hard to clean, even harder when you add water. I used babo-o scouring powder, bleach, dish detergent, goo gone, then I remembered I had a bottle of the “black magic,” heavy duty cleaner. Two short sprays onto a paper towel and a quick wipe on the surface and the graphite was gone, I mean literally gone. Off the light switches, painted doors, toaster, microwave, any place that finger print graphite power was used. This product is a must have. Please bring it back, it has commercial use for the CSI teams as well as homeowners. This is a needed product for both tough and gentle jobs…kinda like Mike Rowe, just saying…Please reconsider and bring this product back to the shelves. Thank you.

  26. I live in North Adams Mass. I can not find dirty job cleaners any where.I use to get it at Wal-Mart but they dont carry it any more. Where can I find it.

  27. I am a mother of 4 and my kids are gross. Forget dirty they are beyond that and let me tell you I picked up dirty jobs one day just to try. I have not used anything else since. I can’t seem to find the bathroom cleaner anymore and now I am having to redo my bathroom because nothing will get my bathroom clean. I am begging you please, I will pay double (anything is cheaper than redoing my bathroom) if you bring the product back to the shelves. Had I known I would have ordered 2 cases a long time ago. The is a must have product in every household that has children in it. What do you expect us parents to do now, we don’t have that kind of money to redo everything our kids touch. Please Help Us with our DIRTY JOBS! Come back Mike Rowe, we love you…….WE NEED YOU!

  28. Love the Dirty Job multi surface cleaner. First discovered it as I was looking for a cleaner to
    clean all surfaces in our motorhome. Wonderful stuff!! Used it on BBQ when traveling and
    cleaned sooo much faster and better than anything else I’ve tried. Can’t find it anywhere…..
    and will not pay inflated prices on ebay. Please bring it back! Hope the glowing
    testimonials are passed on to the company.

  29. I love your spot and stain remover! However at the Walmart in Yankton SD I can no longer get it there cuz they stopped selling it? Wish they would get it back!

  30. Sure miss your Oxygen Powered Stain Remover. I have three teenage girls… And two cow poking Cowboys….. And this product has been amazing to my busy schedule. Almost every occasion it’s an hour soak… Throw in wash and it’s clean! I noticed it was harder and harder to find… So when I did I stocked up and I am on last bucket…HELP!!

  31. I am desperate to find the Dirty Jobs line of cleaning products. I am about to run out of all on mine. I CAN NOT live without them. I am in Dawsonville, GA and we can not find Dirty Jobs cleaning products in our area any longer. I am with the rest of these posters, we need these products back so bad! Please help us. Dirty Jobs products are so good and easy to use that they take hours of work out of my week. HELP HELP HELP!

  32. Hello I love all the tough job cleaners my husband is a simi Truck driver and grease in his clothing I would scrub for hours until you came out with tough job now I can’t find it to buy and yes that makes me made life is tough without it and love the spray for bathrooms and kitchen hard water stains are gone even landlord loves me for that so told him please help me I want my tough job cleaners back please

  33. I & my husband have been doing a lot of searching for The DIRTY JOBS CLEANING PRODUCTS, ESPECIALLY LAUNDRY CLEANER (GREAT!)
    I’ve NEVER understood why when something works so good its gone.

  34. I live in Covington, La. and absolutely love, love, love, Dirty Jobs Bathroom cleaner. Nothing has ever cleaned my shower liket this product. Please let me know where I can purchase it, Wal-Mart no longer carries it. Can it be purchased on-line?

  35. I am trying to find a store or supplier than can provide Dirty Jobs “Gel Snake” drain cleaner.

    Cam you help?


  36. Trying to find Dirty Jobs Laundry Stain Remover. Used to buy it in Lowe’s. Went on line and it says Walmart carries it. Can’t find it in the stores and it says it’s out of stock. Where can I find it?

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