Mini Kick Scooter by Kickboard USA

Spring is in the air and Kenzie, 3 yrs old, is crazy for her very 1st scooter. The folks at Kickboard USA were kind enough to send us their Mini Kickboard Scooter, a 3-wheel, Swiss designed Scooter for toddlers ages two to five. The size is perfect and with the 3 wheels (2 in front) it is totally easy for Kenzie to ride and drive. With 2 days of practice, Kenzie is beginning to learn how to steer it – as the front wheels are really flexible and steer beautifully. There is even a brake in the back that I’m sure she’ll soon master. The idea behind the mini scooter is to make exercise fun, help with coordination, and build confidence and independence in our little ones. Love how lean and low to the ground the actually flexible scooter footboard is as this makes it so very easy to ride. I feel confident that Kenzie is safe on this little piece of equipment as it seems to be very high quality but I’ve taught Kenzie now that she is old enough to "ride" bikes and scooters on our driveway a helmet is a must. She is so in love with her helmet (Disney Princess!) she actually has been wearing on occassion in the car this past weekend and keeping it on when she goes back and forth from the driveway to the swing set. Very cute. This mini scooter willl be easy to pop in the car and small enough for us to easily bring on vacation for the Beach too! Available in Pink, Blue, or Orange. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $75

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