Mini Yogurt Pumpkin Parfaits Recipe

Once fall comes around, I tend to incorporate pumpkin in away way I can. It’s just so good! Not to mention it’s very good for you too! Check out my Mini Yogurt Pumpkin Parfaits Recipe below. It is fantastic! Lately, on the go for work I have been prepping a few of these “mini” yogurt+ pumpkin parfaits for a snack. Instead of just bringing the cup of yogurt with me like I normally would.. I have been giving my mid day snack a fall spin. Perfect amount of protein, sweetness & PUMPKIN!

Mini Pumpkin Parfaits



Mini Yogurt Pumpkin Parfaits Recipe

Here’s what you need: (Servers for 2 to be ready*)

– (2) 6 6oz containers of Greek yogurt
– 6 oz of pumpkin
– Pumpkin seeds
– Cranberries
– Granola

It’s pretty simple but tastes pretty heavenly.Mini P P

Layer one mason jar with half the container of Greek yogurt ( which comes to 3 oz )
Followed by a layer of canned pumpkin
Repeat yogurt on top ( remaining 3 oz of container )
Top with Pumpkin seeds, cranberries + granola!

Up Close Mini P parfaits

Package up, refrigerate and you have yourself a healthy super food snack!

Do you enjoy pumpkin as much as me? If so, how do you incorporate this fall favorite?

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