Final Before & After Photos: Minimizing my Dark Eye Circles with Solutions 24

Time for the big reveal of my Before & After photos showing off my results from using the Dark Circles Corrector Stick from Solutions 24 for the past 4 weeks.  I admit I am happily surprised to see these positive differences in my before and after photos. In real life, I think the change was gradual and minute so I didn’t necessarily realize it was happening day by day. But even in the 1st week my photos showed a difference and my final photos seemed to absolutely show a definitive change in the dark circles under my eyes. WOW!

Before and After Photos using Solutions 24 Dark Circles Corrector Stick

I regularly used this as recommended morning and night. I also often touched up (maybe 3-4x per week) mid day with this convenient dark circles corrector stick if I was freshening up my make up to go out in the evening.

This is my before photo…..


And this is my photo after 4 weeks of usage.


Side by Side Photos

Check out this “Side by Side” comparison of Before & After highlighting the change in my dark circles.Here is a side by side comparison that I made.  Can’t you see the difference?

I tried to use the exact same pose and hair style — both photos are taken in the exact same spot in my master bathroom but for some reason the lighting on the right turned out a little different although I tried to do it exactly the same way! I think it was just a cloudier day when I snapped today’s photos so we didn’t have as much bold natural lighting. IMG_2851.JPGI


The product is truly so convenient and simple to carry around. I highly recommend giving it a try as you can’t beat the price and it goes on with no mess. You can see I keep it in my make up kit and even have it with me poolside!


Dark Circles Corrector Stick from Solutions 24  purchase details

All 3 versions of the Solutions 24 Corrector Sticks are for sale for under $13 at all 1800 Walmart stores and at The item I’m putting to the test is the Dark Circles corrector stick which sells for $11.23 at




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