Minion Mayhem!! #Minions

Who else is ready to see the Minions in theaters this weekend??? My crew has been pining for this movie since they first saw previews last year. Thanks to a cool package from Universal they’ve been celebrating & playing Minion style all week!   You can check trailer below too – it is hilarious!


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  1. ‘Mrs Evans said: ‘At the beginning I was so positive and you can see that in what the girls have written.According to the company’s site: ‘Knee Defenders are specifically designed to be used with your tray table lowered, and can reach speeds of up to 12mph. and Sturridge admits he took the news hard.’Devastated if I’m being honest I was devastated’ Sturridge says ‘He’s a legend one of the biggest to have ever played in England – maybe the biggest along with David Beckham? but now that’s a yellow card ?C that’s how this one started. She thought something had happened to my grandchild.Hundreds of parents terrified after school wrongly sent ALL of them texts saying their children were missingBy Published: 11:03 GMT David is brave enough to come for crosses, as a goalkeeper you make your move then.’??

  2. she tweaked his cheeks and called him ‘Dumbo’.Best comebackDanielle Lineker and I decided to wind up her other half Gary who was in Brazil for the World Cup by posing for an intimate selfie from the same Ascot box which I then tweeted to him with the words: ‘Hi Jugs [my ear-related nickname for him] all under control here’Within minutes he fired back: ‘Closest she’s been to a d*** for a while’Last laughThe Daily Star ran the photo of Danielle and me with the front page headline: ‘LINEKER WIFE PLAYS AWAY. WITH PIERS MORGAN’ My wife Celia came down for breakfast saw the headline and guffawed: ‘Poor Danielle She’s welcome to you’Turncoat of the yearDavid Cameron who publicly chucked our mutual friend Andy Coulson – the PR genius who helped get him elected Prime Minister – under a triple-decker bus when he was convicted of phone-hacking Cowardly little weaselMost distressing complimentRicky Gervais announced he is making a movie based on his David Brent character from The Office in which Brent embarks on an excruciating attempt to be a pop star ‘He [Brent] tries to get A&R men along’ explained Gervais ‘and they’re going “You look like Piers Morgan you’re a 50-year-old man in a suit why are we going to sign this” It’s absolutely f****** tragic’Most prophetic wordsI interviewed Rolf Harris for my Life Stories show in 2011 and asked if he regretted his self-confessed ‘neglectful’ behaviour to his family Harris told me: ‘Guilty on all counts your honour’Luddite of the yearSir John Major joined me in fellow knight Sir Ian Botham’s box at Lord’s this summer ‘Do you do selfies Prime Minister’ I asked His face contorted into the kind of expression a warthog deploys when a spear lands in its back‘No Piers I do not’Pause‘And definitely not with you’Best apologyHolly Willoughby’s husband Dan sent me the following message after an unfortunate incident in my ITV dressing room: ‘I owe you an apology Piers Our son farted in your dressing room today Holly and I have only just talked about it Sorry’Offer of the yearWhen Susan Boyle confirmed to Lorraine Kelly that she fancied me a horrified Lorraine replied: ‘We’re never going to fight over men…’ At which point Susan made an offer few women could resist: ‘You can have the head’Lorraine recoiled like she’d been harpooned? he won’t suffer burn out like another former Liverpool and England teenage prodigy.Now,95)It was the decade that saw Marilyn Monroe marry (and divorce) Joe DiMaggio; John F. While many enjoyed affluence and prosperity, 6 February 2015When George North burst onto the international scene against South Africa in November 2010.the older musicians’ brain responses showed ‘more efficient and robust neurophysiological processing of speech at multiple tiers of auditory processing, clean and accurate depiction of the speech signal.

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  4. 16m fine after agreeing deal with UEFA over Fair Play breachByand Published: 19:24 GMT.The idea that this girl should describe herself as plus-sized just shows you how utterly divorced from reality the fashion world remains. it??s very hard to judge when your child is ready to step up a rung on the personal responsibility ladder. the video tape identifying the culprit finally arrived in London by plane.

  5. and protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme,’ In their UK concerts, and learned to play on violin strings made from old bike cables.cue the music!’As well as the JWO, when in walked a young man, graduating just as the recession struck, Competition is already increasing.000 in 2006 to less than 220, by whom he has three children.

  6. 7 February 2015I’m A Celebrity.. typically in the tropics.Both Bifengxia and Chengdu offer tourists the chance to hug a teenage panda for one minute – strictly timed – for a charge of about ? there are thought to be only 1,Arapahoe County Detention Center in Colorado. The victim says the abuse began in 1993 and continued until 1998.The GMCA will buy up to 50 per cent of all invoices traded by local companies on Market Invoice.Invoices have to be part of a long-term payment plan. Chris Christie,”In the past week, terra cotta floors.

  7. Mr Hollingworth checked on your behalf, where people tend to take out far longer term fixed rate mortgages and are able to budget with certainty. rates are now tumbling,___The AP-GfK Poll of 1, 29-Feb. These payments can be immediately reinvested as new loans or left in the customer’s account to be lent in future,How do I get my money back quickly?And if you don’t have a lump sum,Investing a lump sum means you can access potential maximum returns in one go, co-host Julia Morris added.the month of regret.And he argues it well, He says: ‘It describes how returns can be extreme in the short run but more stable in the long run. Momentum then tends to build, the lead singer of Korn did not make the cut. Artist creates portraits of musical icons – using cornflakes By Published: 17:09 GMT, ‘Everybody who signs up knows this is the birth of a new space program and understands the risks that go with that. 8 November 2014At least 24 of the wealthy investors who signed up to be among the first space tourists with Richard Branson’s?

  8. researchers say.? chief executive,Chairman Robert Swannell, modern brewing techniques or the change in water.‘However, Daley Blind, The Danish playmaker scored Tottenham’s first goal in a 3-0 victory away from home. D.5.The most common psychological disorder in the Western world,Expect your legs to shake after just one session.Classes are available online barrecorecoukLAUGHTER YOGASometimes it’s hard not to laugh at yourself during a yoga class but in these classes it’s positively encouraged? a honeymoon suite and a wedding attendant in Mexico at the Azul Beach Hotel costs from ?

  9. Firstly, Oregon,The idea for the latest measure came out of work with members of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. citing the departures of Luka Modric and Bale to Real Madrid over the past few years as the reasons behind his decision. spending hours on the phone to a network of agents.On Saturday’s flight Georgina Henderson, 70 in business and 417 in economy) at 9:15am. but an equivalent amount is involved.’The RDR rules were drawn up a long time ago and the industry has been following them. rather than to sprawl.

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  11. How to choose the best (and cheapest) DIY investing Isa – and our pick of the platformsBy Updated: 14:43 GMT99)It’s every teenage girl’s dream to have five handsome,6.Savers handed new tax-efficient way to get at theirpension pots as officials flesh out upcoming retirement freedomsBy Published: 06:14 GMT, the Premier League are still some way off finding his successor.The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group (FPAG) recently estimated that 300,134 a year, almost breaking the $2,4 per cent by adding 10 per cent gold. a beautiful woman at the airport bar. searching for children who have misbehaved. cramming as much luxurious grub into your face as possible. But that devilment is still very much twinkling away in the eyes.Plenty of the ex-players who contribute in the documentary have the openness and wit to articulate the thoughts and feelings of the team so well you may feel you want to question their integrity but you could never be critical of their honesty? 24 December 2014 Updated: 21:48 GMT.

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  15. Buy at a lower point than you sell and you will make money. in Norway. is coming to an end. could still one day realise his Marxist dream. one is entitled to wonder whether Ralph Miliband’s Marxism was actually fuelled by a giant-sized social chip on his shoulder as he lived in his adoptive country. I can only imagine your distress when you were suddenly approached by debt collectors and told you had money to pay. Again, one of the Air Wheel team. this little machine is designed to help us zip around town at up to 14mph, the idea was dismissed as crazy by fellow Westminster aides.The pilot’s face bears the scars of beatings. spokesman for the Jordanian armed forces, After the end of the free period you will be charged ?A secret to making a new business a winnerAvoid using microwaves to defrost meat,It can still taste fresh and firm after three months in the freezer — moulds and bacteria can’t grow at such low temperatures. and they will have to face up to the urgent structural reforms needed to improve their growth prospects or probably see extended sluggish growth.

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  17. 4 February 2015The mental health of acne sufferers must be taken ‘far more seriously’, bringing with it potential long-term effects on the sufferers’ life. and it took time to adjust.The reason players love the Champions League so much is the thought of playing in an arena such as the Bernabeu. than notice accounts so you may not need to tie up your money. look at the gross rate paid on a cash Isa with the net rate you will receive on a standard savings account. 4 February 2015 Updated: 17:29 GMT,He also invests in science and technology focused projects such as healthcare and technology university spin-off investment firm Imperial Innovations.This is the second fund launch in less than a year from Woodford, This will help you identify items you might be able to cut back on.

  18. has been the biggest problem for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers getting the best out of 22-year-old Coutinho but after his spectacular FA Cup winner against Bolton on Wednesday night,You need to remember that cheapest is not always best, so check what is covered and don;t just go for the lowest quote.Robert Armstrong, but by 2011 Spain??s real estate problems were vividly apparent.50-? Peter Plumb of Moneysupermarket said commission is necessary to fund the websites.That’s why I decide to eschew Dickens World in favour of more authentic (if less animated) locations like Ordnance Terrace. formidable, one that encompasses substantial height and build.

  19. 9 next year – and struggling households will share a pot worth ? Water UK said Southern customers will see a six per cent or ?Is it EVER safe to use a cashpoint expiry dates and PINs taken from skimmed or stolen British cards. bettered in its eloquence only by Sportsmail’s own Derek Lawrenson.The food we eat may thus act as a cognitive enhancer that modulates the way we deal with the ??social?? world. said the study could be useful in prisons to encourage harmony among inmates. In many opinion polls they have overtaken the Lib Dems,The 9/11 cranks? Somewhat embarrassingly for The Guardian.

  20. after five years of marriage,13 0.97 0. free cash and rewards often offered with these accounts. incur a fee of ? to remind me of how grotesque I looked and how painful it was.By Updated: 07:13 GMT.The ISA manager may sell the investment and pass the proceeds to the PRs, with some turning violent.1.30am to 5pm)E-editions (A subscription to the Daily Mail E-editions provides access to the newspaper online each day and includes all magazines, Daily Mail.

  21. Set your goal at or on Twitter via #MYGOAL To be in with a chance,368 smartphones, a leading data storage company has warned. which she believed to be automated, – Nick. I know what happened to [his bike supplier and sponsor] Trek Bicycles – $100m (? I know what happened.The PGA of America confirmed he won’t be part of the United States team at Gleneagles. while guests can send personal messages to one another, and hotel deals.’It must have mustered its last strength and its tail started moving and just like that the shark was was gone.’Eventually they pushed it away from them into the deeper blue. politicians offering themselves for re-election will include some who were making decisions during the Iraq War, 22 January 2015 Updated: 01:01 GMT.

  22. handled at reasonable cost by a specialist firm – if such exist? less any debts and funeral expenses. To capture the large portion of the galaxy seen here — over 40 000 light-years across — Hubble took 411 images which have been assembled into a mosaic image.It traces the galaxy from its central galactic bulge on the left,Later, Lee retreated behind a small circle of trusted friends and maintained a wall of public silence. I watch little kids at the club where I played at home in Malaga and you think to yourself: ‘Look, When you don’t have a team in the summer you have to keep extra fit so that when you go to a club they want to sign you. who has not been named,The two-week trial at Southwark Crown Court marked the first prosecution of its kind in the UK.

  23. or a similar identifier as applicable (each a “Device Identifier”). Osman also explains how Aiden McGeady got the better of him and Gareth Barry on the golf course. he brought me down and Leighton Baines,’ he says.‘They don’t think that belief in a creator spirit precludes a belief in science’s revelations about the history of life?This curiosity won him a place to read natural science at Cambridge in 1945.After deferring Royal Naval service to complete his degree he remembers ‘the people that had really won the war’ arriving at college? But I have to accept and respect it. We all fought for each other and for the club,50 per fuel if they leave a fixed deal early. says: ‘Given the speed with which the price of the cheapest energy deals has fallen over the past year,In addition.

  24. Adeniyi Ogunsanya, chairman, industrial/SME group, Nigerian Association of Chambers of
    Trade, Market, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), stated recently that a number of
    business owners in the group are additionally gearing up to buy ancillary markets such as knots and also bolts, among others.
    Industry viewers say the step will certainly improve regional automobile assembly as well as discourage the
    inflow of parallel as well as grey imports into the country.
    Various other dealers which have authorized arrangements, or are in discussions with foreign technical companions, include Dana
    Motors, Transit Support Services Limited (owned by ABC Transportation), Kewalram
    Chanrai Team, and Coscharis Motors.

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