Minions come to life with the free Crayola App

Minion Mayhem! My kids just discovered Crayola’s Color Alie App and are tottally wowed by this cool tech that brings their colorful drawings to life. The app is free and Crayola just launched the newest title in it’s Color Alive line – MINIONS!!!! Plus, Crayola has all kinds of Minion goodies – coloring books, Color Wonder and more.


Minions Color Alive Scoop

Kenzie and Kyle are obsessed with Color Alive and have had a blast bringing the Minions they color to life in 4D.

Check out these before and after photos!


The Crayola Minions coloring book comes with 16 unique pages and seven Crayola crayons, including a new color, Banana Banana, which unlocks special virtual effects with the app – Kenzie and Kyle create fire, dancing bananas and more using all these cool special effects when they use the app with the pictures they color.

They can even move the minions they draw so it looks like they are in our own house! So cool.







Thanks to Crayola for sending us the latest Minions gear to facilitate our review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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