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The secret is long out that we are living in the future. And with that, we adults no longer just read our books on paper but instead on our iPhones, computers, or some fancy e-reading device -my standby is the Kindle.

Our kids are now doing just the same and companies like MobiStories have digital books for little 2 yr old tots to advanced 8 year old readers. My 4 year old is a whiz at her iPhone apps and little 2 yr old Kyle does quite a good job manipulating the iPhone too. It’s second nature for them – and the skills they learn just using a mobile device are in my opinion a necessity for the modern world in which we live.

This week MobiStories hosted a fabulous playdate party at our house with the help of my good friends Whitney, from Mommies with Style and Sarah & Shannon of Chester County Moms to introduce their digital books to local Philly Moms.

We all got to explore their touchscreen computer to play around with more simple “digital” board books that also double as a puzzle activity for preschoolers and everyone downloaded their newest fantastic book to our iPhones, “The Marvelous Toy, a story that is set to music and song. Moms were impressed with the artwork and color of The Marvelous Toy and the kids became engrossed in listening along to the story and turning the pages on our mobile devices.

The biggest reason I’d recommend “The Marvelous Toy” to Moms and kids would be the music…. I found listening along to a story in that was read in “song” format (think awesome folk music type tune!) to be like nothing we’ve ever done before on any of our other apps that are usually so “silent” once the kids are deep into the game or activity.

And the kids had a a total blast with the facepainting, balloon artist and parachute fun!

Here are MobiStories top fave bookapps:  The Marvelous ToyLittle Blue Penguin (both 4 – 8 yr. olds); SpringHD for iPadTrain Puzzle BookSummer Puzzle Book (all 3 for 2 – 6 yr. olds); Celebrating First Lady Michelle Obama in Pictures (6 – 10 yr. olds).  Favorite non-interactive (both as app and for computer): Mommy’s High Heel Shoes and The Magic Rocket (both for 4 – 8 yr. olds).

You can download to your PC/Mac or mobile device, like the iPhone or iPad which is my preference. We don’t let our kids use the laptops yet but they pretty much dominate our iPhone and iPad for boredom busters or for educational learning activities at home.

Want a free sample? Use coupon code WCM0610 to download 4 books to your computer:  The Marvelous ToyLittle Blue PenguinSpring Puzzle Book and Michelle Obama.  Here’s a handy link if you’d like help adding the coupon code into the shopping cart at checkout:

Here are some fun pics from our event! Thanks to MobiStories for a fantastic playdate and creating a super product.

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Disclosure: MobiStories sponsored this Playdate Party – and we loved indulging in Chick-Fil-A! You all know that is my fave catering option for playdate parties. The perks of hosting include selecting your favorite food – luckily everyone loves those nuggets!

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