Mom Bloggers Learn How To Do African Tribal Dance

I admit I was a tad hesitant about this item on the itinerary for my recent press event to Los Angeles. Confession – I have no rhythm or musical ability whatsoever. Plus,  I wondered why in the world we’d be doing this during our day of interviews with the animators and voices behind the Lion King 3D, to be released in theaters on September 16th for two weeks only, and then on Blu-Ray DVD Combo package on October 4th. 

All my doubts were totally unnecessary and this turned out to be one of  the most uplifting, fun, and invigorating hours of our entire day. There is just something about African Dance that moves everyone. The music, the movement, the freedom. Take a peek at us all living it up as we learn from a brillant instructor who tells us that each motion and movement tells a story. We are telling a story to welcome others into our home, offer them food, drinks and to PARTY!

Note –  even me with ZERO rhythm – you can tell I’m taking missteps all time in this video (I’m in the fluffy/puffy cream shirt on the right) – loved every second of this exhilarating dance lesson.

Disclosure: Thanks to Disney and Click Comm for covering my travel expenses so I could attend this press event in Los Angeles for the Lion King 3D.

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