Mom Mixer Holiday Showcase Recap #MomMixer

Sending a gigantic thank you to all of our guests and sponsors that attended the Mom Mixer yesterday. And an extra special thanks to my family and my partner Whitney from Mommies with Style – and all of her family – for all their hard work to make our event a success.

It truly takes a village. So much goes into hosting an event behind the scenes.

Beyond just the moral support and friendship – there is just a TON involved when you organize an event. Packing gift bags, transporting hundreds of gift bags, finding the right venue to host 200 guests, and securing the right sponsors to showcase their products.

Definitely a team effort and it is so much fun to see it all come together with our guests. Take a peek at this quick recap video to get a fell for what our Mom Mixer was like- and if you didn’t join us this time – you should totally consider stopping by for our next event in Spring 2013.We’d love to have you!

And with Hurricane Sandy happening this week we definitely ran into some logistical issues and it was an emotional week for all of us. Whitney chatted about it here on her blog. The great news is we were able to raise $500 for the Red Cross and donate items from our brand displays to local shelters in Philadelphia and send others on to help those impacted by the storm.

Our space was GORGEOUS at the Hyatt Bellevue in Philadelphia – we were on the top floor at the XIX restaurant overlooking Philadelphia a very historic space over 100 years old -as the Hyatt Bellevue was built in 1904. Wow!

It was so fabulous to introduce Moms to Brands and for Whitney and I to get up close and personal with new products too!

Hasbro was our title sponsor and they had a crazy awesome amount of toys at our event and arranged for the Transformer Heatwave from the Rescue Bots (transformers for younger kids!) to attend which was so much fun. Kids were gaga for all the toys – as were the Moms too.

And Hasbro even arranged for us to have a small play area for the kids complete with all kinds of Play Doh and Play Doh activity centers. The kids absolutely LOVED this area – from age 2-9, kids were going wild for Play Doh. And I profess Moms & Dad were diving into the Play Doh too – Play Doh really is timeless for creativity and brings out the kid in everyone.

Little Passports was a huge hit for everyone too – and we all fooled around in their photo booth with props from across the USA.

You can sign up for Little Passports at $10.95 per month and this accessible and adorable kit will be shipped to your child to help them learn about a new place each month. The kids travel along with Sam & Sophia and learn about all the places they have traveled – Little Passports offers a Global version focusing on various countries each month and a USA version focusing on each state.

Tommy Hilfiger had gorgeous holiday and festive clothing for boys on display – all available at Macys.

Barely There fitted Moms for Bras – and outfitted us all in new bras & undies. Great stuff!

Just Play Products showed off their fabulous Disney toys. And this company is local to Philadelphia too so we were thrilled to have them join us this weekend.

Everyone was in love with the Doc Mc Stuffins Doctor Kit and Check Up doll along with Minnie’s Flipping Fun Kitchen.

We also had Knex, Stella & Dot, VZ Wraps and Cherchies showcasing their latest offerings too. So much fun!




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  1. gorgeous room, beautiful girls hosting, and super brands highlighted this very fun and informative event!!
    Thank you girls, I can see there was certainly much to be done in planning this event.

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