momAgenda Desktop Planners Coupon Code

It’s time for the New Year. And a new planning calendar. Here’s a 15% off coupon code (and they are actually 35% off right now too!). Use GIFTMOM to save 15% on all orders at momAgenda. I heart my momAgenda and have been using this sweet family style planner since 2006. Pretty on the outside. Practical on the inside. The Desktop planner is a real fave for me since it has a family style layout to organize activities for each member of the family (each have their own row!) with a weekly view. There is also a monthly view of course and ultra stylish sleek classy covers so you can feel good about carrying this planner around in your purse or leaving it on the kitchen counter. Are you sold yet? Is organization a top to do for you like it is for me? You: running errands here, there, and everywhere. Trying to balance your child

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