Monopoly Junior is Super Fun for Everyone!

Money, real estate, and the thrill of the win along with the fear of bankruptcy make Monopoly a classic that everyone loves from age 5-95.

Now, playing Monopoly with the kidlets just got a hours easier and far less complicated thanks to Monopoly Junior. Releasing this spring, kids age 5+ can play this simplified version of the classic with FAR faster game play. HOORAY!

My son became OBSESSED with the original Monopoloy at age 5. The old school game that lasts for hours and hours on end. With loans and mortgages and all kinds of money counting madness. Fun and a great learning experience, but his obsession was a bit taxing for this Mama! He liked it so much he used to play alone counting his Benjamins and real estate deeds.

Fast Game Play with Monopoly Junior

While I still love the original monopoly, from a parent’s perspective, the new MONOPOLY Junior is pure genius for kids and families to have a fantastic family game night. The game is over very quickly because as SOON as a person becomes bankrupt, the game is over. Everyone else counts their remaining money and whoever has the most wins.

Monopoly Junior

Both Kenzie and  Kyle- my monopoly obsessed Kindergartner – adore the new game and we’ve been playing it over and over again the past month without tiring of the fun.

Also, game play moves fast as less strategy is involved because as soon as you land on a real estate spot, you MUST purchase it. Everything about the board is super kid friendly with adorable figures – scotie dog, cat, battleship, and racecar. The bills are all $1 denominations only and each piece of real estate is appealing for children as they can buy Arcades, swimming pools, candy shops or even a water park over in the high rent district that us seasoned monopoly fans call BOARDWALK.

For only $14.99 Monopoly Junior is  fabulous value and we highly recommend it. Classy Mommy approved!

Note: Thanks to Hasbro for sending us this game to facilitate our review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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