Monsters University Mike & Sulley star in new Got Milk? Ad #MonstersUEvent

I’m obsessed with Milk Mustache ads and always loving seeing the latest celebs appearing in their ads.  How much do you love that Mike and Sulley from Monsters University are now coeds sporting the iconic Milk Mustache? Looks like these monsters are officially famous!  Isn’t this ad awesome???

Kenzie and Kyle are going to love this so much. Last year the 3 of us did a video for the Milk Mustache team for their Breakfast Project so the kids are seriously going to think it is cool that Mike and Sulley are now on board too!

Here’s more of the official verbiage:

At MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, it takes a lot to fuel a day of scaring and nothing scares up successful days more than a breakfast with milk. A glass of milk – with 8 grams of high-quality protein in each 8 oz serving – can help power your monster days!

Connect with the Milk Mustache community for tips, tools and activities including tasty morning recipes for all the little “monsters” in your family.

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