Moon Dough Barnyard

Our preschool product testers just gave this brand new molding compound called, Moon Dough, a test run and we were all beyond impressed. Trust me, this compound is so new and different you really do feel like it is from out of this world. I’m not kidding. My husband and I were quite enamoured with it as well! Moon Dough is a hypo-allergenic, wheat free, and super soft marshmallow like molding compound. The molding and sculpting activities will remind you of Play-Doh but that is really where the similarities end as Moon Dough feels totally different and NOTHING like PlayDoh. Also, Moon Dough doesn’t stain or really stick to anything. Of course, just like Play Doh it can leave a big old mess of particles on the floor or table when the kids are done playing 🙂 We received the Moon Dough Barnyard for free to facilitate this review. My kids loved the toy and I thought it was very innovative in that you put in the dough into the barn, turn a simple crank, and then a brand new freshly created animal shape flys out the barn door (roosters, cows, horses, etc.) as the moon dough transforms itself into the mold in the barn. Other activity kits include a Diner, Pizza Shop, and Puppy set all of which I think would thrill my kids too. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $14

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