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Here’s another post with more detailed information about American Girl Caroline Abbott to answer common questions we’ve been getting from readers. I know there is a TON of excitement about the new American Girl dolls – so I want to do my best to answer whatever questions people ask us.

We adore her and Kenzie has welcomed Caroline into our household 100%. She has fallen in love with this doll! Caroline has been dining next to us at meal time in a small doll chair or propped up on our Kitchen barstools.


And yesterday, Kenzie played school with Caroline for 2 hours straight – which was great as Kenzie was pretty much reading books aloud to Caroline nonstop the entire time. Excellent prep for 1st grade!

I’m a huge American Girl fan and we feel so lucky to be able to share all this information in advance of Caroline Abbott’s on sale date with other American Girl fans like us. And the best part of every American Girl in my mind is always the story behind the girl. We are currently reading “Meet Caroline”, the 1st book in the series. I’ve been reading it aloud to Kenzie, my soon to be 1st grader. She is captivated by the story and it is giving us lots to talk about together. The book is EXCELLENT and a very exciting historical tale taking place during the War of 1812. From the start, the story is very dramatic as Caroline suddenly finds out the US is at war with Great Britain and her father is captured by the British while they are sailing on Lake Ontario together. Obviously, this presents many challenges and emotions for 9 year old Caroline as you can imagine.

Here’s more scoop to answer many of the questions on Caroline that we are gettting…………..

What color are her eyes?

Her eyes are actually more of a Blue Green color. I compared her to McKenna tonight who has pure blue eyes and our Kanani doll who has green eyes. Caroline’s eyes are more of a blue green/ aquamarine color. They are beautiful!

Will there be a companion doll friend?

Not that I know of as I didn’t see any information about a companion doll in our press kit. However, Caroline does have an 11 year old cousin & friend named Lydia.

What is pricing for the accessories? What other accessories might American Girl sell to go with Caroline Abbott?

Per my press kit, there is no other images or pricing info about additional accessories beyond the Parlor and Skiff.

If you buy the $124 version of the Doll Plus Accessories set, Caroline’s accessories include a faux-straw bonnet adorned with fabric flowers, a drawstring purse, and a little top that really spins. Sounds cute doesn’t it?

We have the traditional $105 version of the doll that does not come with accessories – so I don’t have any of my own photos of the accessories.

I didn’t see any pricing info on the Skiff or Parlor – so we’ll need to wait until September 4th for that info.

Can you show more images from the Meet Caroline 1st Book?

Here’s some more photos from the book – it’s tough to capture the small things on camera but I gave it my best shot to showcase the family & friends intro at the beginning and the back cover.

Disclosure: We received a free sample Caroline Abbott Doll from American Girl to facilitate our reviews and features. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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    • Thanks Leslie for answering Jess’s question. Caroline’s hair also arrived in box totally curly and just perfect. I’m sure someday we’ll need to re-curl it and organize it but for now, it’s looking great since we’re keeping her “just right” for reviews/videos on ClassyMommy 🙂

  1. Jess, there are lot so You Tube videos about how to curl AG Doll’s hair. It’s not hard. Or if you live close to a store, watch the gals at the salon. Sometimes they are curling hair.

    Thanks or additional review ClassyMommy! We are excited for this new doll, particularly because she is a historical with books and be around for longer than a year.

  2. I was wondering how you are able to get the Caroline doll and reveiw her before she is released? Also if I was interested in reviewing American Girl dolls could I?

  3. When will the doll be available to buy online? I don’t want to fight the crowds of kids (I’m an adult) but I’d like to get one soon. Thanks.

  4. I truly love & emjoy yout detailed reviews and the time you take to post pics,Thankyou,Im more well known for restoring & making over old & worn ag dolls, and Im a collector, well I still play them. 🙂

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