Mother’s Day Tea

I live for these moments. Mother’s Day Tea is just the cutest thing of the year at our preschool. This age is so adorable I want to bottle it up and keep it with me forever – especially someday when I’m all old and alone – I’ll be able to remember and return to that time in my life when I was the center of the world for a sweet little kind, energetic and imaginative 4 year old boy. The days are long…..but the years sure are short.

At our very special and lovely preschool set up on a hill nearly 1/2 mile into the woods, magic happens every morning for the little people. And once a year us Moms get to totally become a part of it when during our special time at Mother’s Day Tea.

The teachers work so hard to prep it all up and the kids work hard to help. From making us special “desserts” that the kids help make- pudding, cool whip, crumbled cookies, and fresh strawberries, to all the decorations and crafts we get to bring home with us. Plus the kids all planted us marigolds from seed in little planters and gave all the Moms a beautiful single rose. And let’s not forget the concert singing songs full of love for Mommy. Really I live for this stuff!



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