Move over Hot Water Bottle: Try the Bed Buddy Warming & Cooling Bear

Do you soothe your kids growing pains in the middle of the night with a hot water bottle or heating pad? How about a cool damp washcloth when they have a fever?


We do all those things to tend to our kidlets aches & pains so I’m extra excited about this cuddly “Bed Buddy” bear that also can be used as a heating pad or cooling pad. The kids loved our sample bears ! Now we’ll be quick to use these adorable ThermaTherapy bears we received to review that work actually as either a heating and/or cooling pad – or in this case a heating or cooling super soft cuddly bear. Basically the paws on the hands & feet along with the belly will warm – if you heat in the microwave for 1 minute or chill – if you cool in your freezer.

Mom’s view: Super cute and totally convenient to warm for the kids or myself to sooth my aches & pains. Compared to the effort to wait for hot water to finally come out of my faucet, heating in the microwave for 1 minute is a total cinch and causes zero mess. Great for sore muscles, arthritis, growing pains, ear aches, and even fevers for kids if you keep it chill the bear for them.

The bear is totally adorable and soft too – which I never would have expected.

Kids’s view: The kids are in love with this cozy critter – which certainly makes Mom happy too and they are very impressed with his ability to heat up in the microwave. Perfect for cuddling with in bed on cold winter nights and the kids are now actually hoping for growing pains in the middle of the night so we can heat up their new bear for them at 3 AM.

Here’s our video – take a peek at the quality here:

The Bed BuddyWarming Bear is available online and at select retailers, independent pharmacies and drug stores for an MSRP of $19.99.


Disclosure: Free samples were provided to facilitate our review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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