Movie review: The Lorax entertains while telling a powerful message

If you’ve been wondering which Dr. Seuss book would be hitting theaters next, the big news is out! On March 2, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax will be transformed and brought to life on the big screen for all of us to enjoy. The Lorax will fast become a must see family film that parents and kids will likely love for generations to come with catchy music and a plot everyone can enjoy all wrapped around a message of protecting the environment.

The movie drew me in immediately with a very catchy opening song and colorful imagery, and  I was hooked for the entire film. The story follows a 12 year old boy named Ted (voiced by Zac Efron) on his journey to find a real living tree to give to his dream girl Audrey (voiced by Taylor Swift).

On Ted’s quest, he finds himself on a wild adventure to plant the last Truffula Tree seed in his town.

Flashbacks during the movie tell the story of the Lorax and the Truffula trees. When a young entrepreneur plans to make useless thneeds (one of many fun Dr. Seuss words) out of trees, the Lorax desperately tries to stop him. The man ignores his warnings and destroys the land around him. Now it’s up to Ted to keep the Truffula trees from disappearing forever. Of course, the movie thickens the plot with an added villian Mr. O’Hare who will stop at nothing to make sure the town is full of fake trees, bottled air, and polluted water.

I was impressed how the movie shared a very serious message in a light-hearted way that kids of all ages will enjoy while still grasping the bigger moral of the story. I think parents will find The Lorax a great conversation-starter with their kids on the importance of going green and this will trigger families to talk about ideas on how they can help make a difference.

Kids will love the movie for the clever story and fun songs, and parents will feel great about the valuable lesson portrayed throughout the tale. You won’t want to miss sharing this movie with your kids and maybe even with the adults in your life. I know I left that movie theater feeling inspired myself to think twice before I forget to recycle my plastic bottles. Every little bit counts.

Side note: For those Despicable Me fans, if you listen close enough, you can catch a few humorous references (hint: check out the Converse shoes).  Make a game out if and see who in your family finds the most!

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Disclosure: Thanks to Universal Pictures for paying for my travel expenses to attend the press junket for The Lorax – which hits theaters in 3D on March 2nd, 2012. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Movie review: The Lorax entertains while telling a powerful message”

  1. Thanks for the review- It was nice to hear a little bit more about the plot of The Lorax. This movie looks so cute- it’d be a great one to see with my little sisters!

  2. Thanks for the review … I’ve been hearing about this book since a class of elementary school kids sent my dad letters after reading it many, many years ago. (He was in charge of keeping the local paper mill from polluting the local creek!) … anyway, the movie looks great … maybe Grandpa will take my kids to see it (and me too!)

  3. Sounds great! Can’t wait to see it in theatres, I loved the original animated version and i’m sure this one will be just as good if not better!

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