Moving into the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage

Kenzie is all over the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage. She was so excited – and a bit impatient when we were putting it together – so we let her move in a bit early! As we were assembling all the poles and putting the cover on, she decided to set up her dolls in the cradle and catch up on her Disney Princess reading! As soon as we finished, she was quick to invite her new BFF, 5 month old Kyle, into her cottage on the blue “boy” side” of her new home. Kyle, sporting a Happy Panda tee, was delighted to move in as he adores hanging with his big sis and watching her crazy antics.
All kids love tents and I’d say the Rose Petal Cottage is step above as it is complete with a little oven, washer dryer, sink, and nursery gear. Kenzie loves pretending to bake cupcakes in the oven as she preps to throw a party and the washer is a bit hit as well. I keep catching her taking off her socks (and sometimes more!) and putting them in her little machine.

We think the Rose Petal Cottage – which includes the stove – is a deal at $80. It is something kids from 1-5 will totally love so it has a very long shelf life and compared to the character tents priced from $20-$40. You are actually getting a real little “home” for the kids to call their own. So far this cottage has provided us with endless hours of imaginary play which is totally priceless. We are huge fans of toys that let us role play as I find the entertainment and learning is so much richer this way.

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