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We just received a handful of natural cleaning products from the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day line. My Mother in Law recommended these to me last year and I was thrilled to receive products to sample after hearing her rave about the wonderful scents and how the cleaning products were totally natural and derived from plants vs. chemicals.

So what’s different about Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day vs. traditional chemical cleaners?

All of Mrs. Meyer’s products contain plant derived essentials oils that are powerful against dirt and grime, however, there is ZERO chemical scents after you clean with them given they are derived from plants. Scents include Basil, Geranium, Lavender, and Lemon Verbena.

All of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are cruelty free, biodegradeable, and earth friendly.

What are my favorite scents and cleaning products from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Line?

We tested out products in 2 different scents – Lemon Verbona Hand Soap and Lavender Counter Spray. I preferred the Lemon Verbena in my kitchen space for the light fresh scent, but I absolutely LOVED the Lavender scent for upstairs bathrooms as it was very aromatic and relaxing and more of an “upstairs bedroom” scent.


We’ve been using the hand soap in the Lemon Verbena in our kitchen. It works great and no different than other soap. Perfect!


The Counter spray is my favorite product as I LOVE counter spray. It worked great in my kids bathrooms too, but I’ll need to buy the Lemon Verbena scent for my kitchen space to clean my granite countertops.


However, compared to the traditional bathroom cleaning products I usually use like a Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol, or Clorox, I did require more elbow grease when cleaning out my kids crazy dirty toothpaste filled sinks since those are tough cleaning jobs. Still, the product worked excellent and I only need to scrub a bit with a rag and the spray to remove the gross sticky toothpaste. You can see how dirty the sink was BEFORE I cleaned it……

Here’s my AFTER photo of the clean sink – as you can tell it works and the kids were going on and on about how amazing their bathroom smelled. They loved this scent vs. the chemical scents of so many cleaners for sure.


How’s the pricing on Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day?

You can check out the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day collection at Walmart here. My budget is flexible and these are well within the range I’m comfortable paying for. I think the best deal is the Kitchen Bundles where you can get counter spray, dish soap, and hand soap all for $11.94. A great value at less than $4 per item.




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