Muffins with Mom

No joke I’ve been waiting for this day since last September when our preschool calendar came out. I adore our preschool and the small close community that comes with it. St. Peters is a rare find set on a hilltop where children can frolic, picnic, and climb trees after school in the church yard – which is coincidentally a graveyard where we have relatives buried from nearly 300 years ago! Our special day did not disappoint. My handsome date and I played, ate muffins, and I got some beautiful crafts. Then I got to come back an hour later for Kenzie’s Fancy Mother’s Day tea.






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  1. Our preschool does a “Muffins with Mom” day and “Donuts with Dad”. The kids are always so excited to have bfast with there parent and so proud of the special gift they made. 🙂

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