Muppets Plush Stuffed Animals at Disney Store

Aren’t these guys irresistible? They are so cute! Other Muppets Plush Toy characters include Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Rizzo and more.

Kenzie and Kyle are super excited to see the new Muppets movie after I just let them watch the Muppets Christmas special on DVD.

Kenzie’s favorite character is strangely Pepe – the prawn. She adores him and is asking for a stuffed Pepe for her Christmas list after her close encounter reviewing these fan favorites that the Disney Store sent us to review.


Kyle loves Fozzie – a more natural pick vs. the unusual prawn !

Take a peek at our video to get an up close look:

2 thoughts on “Muppets Plush Stuffed Animals at Disney Store”

  1. Pepe the Prawn? That looks more like “Beaker” to me! The one who always ends up having troubles because of the Mad Scientist.

  2. Colleen:
    I too am a muppet fan and am turning the big 5-0 later this year I have a learning disability and live at home with my mom and brother my favorite muppet plush that I have is or should I say are Bunsen and Beaker they are great.

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