Must Watch Disney: Wreck-It Ralph

Hooray! Wreck-It Ralph is now available in stores on both DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack. If you haven’t seen this flick, it’s a must watch and if you’ve already seen it, you know it’s a MUST OWN movie for your DVD collection. What’s really special about Wreck-It Ralph is that both parents and kids will love the story. The world of video games are literally brought to life in this family movie.

A wonderful story  that is visually exciting with colorful candy galore in Sugar Rush plus inside “video-game” humor about games from the 80’s that parents will really appreciate. Kenzie and Kyle are wild about this movie and Mike and I both loved it too. We’ve seen it in theaters and on DVD as it is now a family favorite.

Take a peek at the trailer here.

Kids and Parents can test their video game knowledge with this fun activity pack too. Remember Qbert?

That was my favorite game as a kid!
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