Mutsy Easy Grow Next High Chair

Mutsy is a fantastic brand and they’ve just launched a new high chair that will stick with your kids until 12 years of age. Samples are tight so we didn’t personally review this unit, but think it worth mentioning. Any solution that helps the kids sit at the dinner table is a win in my book! Here are the details. Mutsy’s Easygrow Next chair features a sleek brushed aluminum finish and unique dinner tray tilting feature. The chair’s comfortable molded plastic seat features a luxurious suede-like texturized feel. The tilting feature lets the tray fold down and away from baby allowing for them to be placed and removed freely from the seat. This pioneering new highchair brings life to a home’s interior and offers a child a safe and comfortable place at the table. In addition to the dinner tray features include a bumper bar, flexible seat reducer and a 5-point harness. The flexible seat reducer allows use of the chair from the time baby can sit on his or her own. Both the seat and foot rest can be easily adjustable and can accommodate children from the time they can sit unaided to 12 years of age. Lightweight at just 16.5 lbs. so you can move this bugger in and out of the kitchen as needed. I’d love to check it out to see just how you take it apart if you plan to store it in a closet, laundry room, or basement for occasional use but I’ve only seen this online. My Fisher Price Aquarium high chair was ugly, but got the job done and I could easily roll it in and out of the room. Of course this Mutsy looks sleek and stylish enough that you wouldn’t mind keeping it around in a modern home, much like the gorgeous wood Stokke high chair we have. For more information, click here. Price: $249

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