My 3 year old has 8 cavities

I feel like the worst Mom ever …. not to mention I feel heartbroken for my sweet boy.

Kyle adores the dentist and both he and his sister beg to go to the dentist as they think it is so fun and exciting. They love taking care of their teeth and as Parents, Mike and I  felt we were doing everything just about right when it came to Dental care category.

Daily brushing, no juice except at a party, no gummy treats and so on.

His 6 year old sister has never had a single cavity.

I would have said YIKES if I heard sweet Kyle had 1 or 2 cavities. To hear he had 8 just made me feel sick to my stomach and obviously gave me a gigantic case of mom guilt. I nearly fell over as each x-ray was revealing additional cavities.

The Dentist was shocked too… as they look beautiful upon his exams. However, his teeth are close together and we suspect Raisins to be the only culprit in his diet after much discussion on what could possibly have caused this much decay.

His teeth look gorgeous – literally as I brush them I think how cute and perfect his teeth appear. Even the hygenist commented they looked so good, but it was his first round of X-Rays that revealed the decay – basically in between all of his teeth. My poor little guy!

We’re now flossing 2x per day and we will try to tackle the first round of 2 serious cavities in the office. If it doesn’t work, she’ll sedate him at the hospital and bang out all 8 at once.

Sigh. Do your kids have cavities? How did they fair getting them filled.

Here’s Kyle’s happy photos before the bad news.




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  1. Poor little man. I guess that sometimes these things just happen, I wouldn’t feel like a bad mom about it because you’re not. You take your kids to the dentist, that alone makes you a good mom. I hope that getting them all taken care of is quick and easy for you both.

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