My Baby Girl is 7 – How did this happen?

Crazy. I remember her birth like yesterday but somehow 7 years have flown by and my little premature girl born 1 month early is now in the 1st grade.

The days are long but the years are short…………..

Unbelievable. Here’s Kenzie today – celebrating her birthday and I just had to pull a few baby photos to remember those early days.

I can remember how tough they were – both for Mom and baby. Joyful but so many sleepless nights!

And she is our little miracle since she came out blue and not breathing and almost didn’t make it.

She was plugged into a wall for almost 5 days 24/7 ¬†for blue light treatment to treat her jaundice & she struggled to figure out how to eat – the whole suck swallow reflex didn’t quite kick in for a few weeks since she was born 4 weeks early.

A first bath at home too – which was days later since she couldn’t take a bath for a while thanks to the blue light magic.

The little 6 lb girl is no more as today she is an incredible little athlete who loves being on the swim team, running, and trying so many new things – and she has an insatiable appetite for reading and learning -looks like she will be a bookworm like her Mom.

Hard to believe this was only 7 years ago. It really feels like just yesterday.

We love you Kenzie and thanks for being our little girl!

Happy 7th Birthday.

Wish you could stay this age forever……..

Does anyone have the secret to bottling these kiddos up? I wish as this age is just the most wonderful stage!

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    • Let’s hope the blog lives on – crazy the kind of digital footprint we all have. Very cool — will be fun someday for the kids to see this cute diary of all their adventures and photos!

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