My Kids are Obsessed with the Leapfrog LeapPad 3 Video Review #LeapPad3

If you are looking for a fantastic electronic learning toy for your kids, look NO further than the LeapPad3 from LeapFrog.  I can attest that my 6 year old son is OBSESSED with the LeapPad 3. My 8 year old daughter also loves it too which surprised me but the countless features and age appropriate education make it a super toy for her as well. For instance, based on plugging in her age to her LeapPad3, it knows to challenge her with Multiplication while it challenges my 1st grade son with addition or subtraction. Genius!!!!!


As a Mom, I absolutely LOVE the learning that is taking place with it and that he is not on an iPhone or iPad. I’m not in the camp of Moms who lets their kids play with iPads so this is a fantastic price point of $99 and gives him the freedom to use an electronic toy that I feel comfortable with as I know it is providing education and entertainment.

I can’t thank LeapFrog enough for providing my 2 children each with their very own LeapPad to keep them entertained (and educated!) during our 5 days in Turks & Caicos at the Beaches Moms Social Media in the Sand conference.

Kids had an ABSOLUTE BLAST playing with their LeapPads. It takes PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and even has a PET CHAT feature that lets them do IM style chat with other kids who are on LeapPads within their own LeapPad network. Leappads in the same room essentially create their own WiFI network.


Leapfrog LeapPad 3 Video Review

Here’s Kenzie giving you the scoop LIVE from the Turks & Caicos on her LeapPad 3 and how awesome it is for kids:

Read the detailed product info here:

LeapFrog’s LeapPad3 priced at $99

PROs of the LeapPad 3

No batteries required. Woohoo! Use a USB cord to charge or plug into a wall. Awesome!

Game Play and problem solving given to the kids is aged based. So Kenzie at 8 gets multiplication and Kyle at 6 gets addition. Love that the LeapPad knows to do this itself based on me plugging my child’s age into their LeapPad when we set it up.



Free games included

Cartridge games work (those from Leapfrog Explorer or previous LeapPads)

Pet Chat – an IM feature that lets kids connect and make friends with others on LeapPad3’s. They can play tic tac toe, message each other and so on. Cute!

Leapfrog LeapPad3 has it’s own WiFi network to connect with other kids in the area on LeapPads. Genius!

Available in Pink or Green

CONs of the LeapPad 3

Honestly I don’t have ANY other than my son is wanting to buy all kinds of extra apps. He honestly is OBSESSED with his LeapPad3. Takes it everywhere even now that we are home from Turks & Caicos. So far I’m not letting him buy any apps, but as time goes on we’ll see…… I need to do some research and see what LeapPad apps might be worth the investment for his learning.

The apps seem to be priced from $7.50 – $25.00 so it’s not like buying your $0.99 cent apps for the iPhone. I need to do more research to see what to buy him. The Leap Pad 3 apps are all on sale online here at the LeapFrog App Center.

Priced at $99 this is an expensive toy but very inexpensive compared to the stories I hear of parents who buy their kids iPads or iPad Minis. That’s not happening in our house as I think kids today already have too many electronics at too young an age…. So the LeapPad is brilliant for us.

See the kids having a ball with it at the airport. This was especially awesome when we were stranded in Turks & Caicos after having engine failure. There were no tears from my kids – just joy with more time playing with their LeapPad3’s and connecting with other kids in the airport who also had them.


The PET CHAT feature is seriously a giant favorite game for my kids and it was an ice breaker enabling all the kids to meet each other and try to friend each other online on the Leappad’s WiFi network. Love it!


Taking silly selfie’s also provides countless hours of fun!



Note: Thanks to Leapfrog for sending us these LeapPad3 samples to keep our kids entertained while traveling and sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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