My Love Affair with Glee

Given I’m on the low budget cable package, my life had been feeling slightly void of small guilty pleasures with the winter lapse in new episodes of my favorite hit TV shows.

Enter Glee.

After hearing all the buzz about Glee last Fall, I figured I’d give the recently released Glee Season 1 DVD “Road to Sectionals” Box Set a try. The best $24.99 I’ve spent in 2010.
One of the most fabulous TV shows. Ever. Seriously, I’m addicted. Each night I watch a few more episodes and fall more and more for every character with every drama that unfolds and each tune they sing.
Even my husband is secretly interested and he rarely watches anything on TV – I even caught him cruising YouTube for funny audition clips of the characters. If you’re an ounce like me, I suspect this show will lift you up and leave you wanting for more. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Glee”

  1. Love love LOVE this show!! My hubby watches with me, too, even though he made fun of me at first for watching it. Best new show this season, by far!

  2. They totally got the plot from High School Musical!!! Good show though! They show repeats here in London so I got to watch a couple episodes!

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