My Moment Pounding Meat with Emeril

Crazy! Airing Friday at 11:00 AM EST on the Hallmark Channel – Emeril’s Table.

If you know me well you know just how inexperienced I am in the kitchen. This cooking lesson with Emeril was quite the culinary experience.

Up until this moment with Emeril, the microwave chef – that would be me and what everyone who knows me calls me  – had never once tackled the pounding of chicken with a meat tenderizer. Frankly, I didn’t even really know what the heck a meat tenderizer was or why you’d use it. ( I certainly do not own a meat tenderizer! )

Touching raw meat is a bit of a phobia of mine but Emeril put me in the mood and was very encouraging to get me to hammer away which gave us all quite a few laughs. He couldn’t imagine my inexperience in the kitchen!  He was lots of fun to be around and was excited to impart his wisdom. He shops daily for ingredients and was all about preserved lemons on our episode!

I also loved  his Emeril’s “Essence” spice we used – however I mistakenly asked him exactly what Essence is when he asked me to add it to the dish.  I’ve never tried it before –  my bad as this is  a delicious mix of spices you can buy at the store from his Emeril brand – thus called, “Emeril’s Essence”. Yum – but I wanted to crawl into a hole when he realized I didn’t know he had his own seasoning spice.

So excited to see this recap show of my girlfriends and I chatting away with Emeril as we cook Tangine of Chicken and Chicken Roulade – the food was divine too- YES we were able to eat everything when the show ended.

He knows his stuff and was a total pleasure to work with. We filmed this episode back in June so it feels like a lifetime ago!

Can’t wait to see how it all looks produced into a 30 minute show.

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