My Moment with Jennifer Garner

Here’s the inside scoop! Wow. I’m still feeling overwhelmed after my “perfect” day in New York City yesterday for my up close meeting with Jennifer Garner. She was as lovely as she is beautiful. A total gem, genuine, and very down to earth.

So why the fabulous event? Jennifer Garner has teamed up with Frigidaire to help support Save the Children and encourage kids  to snack smart.  Yesterday, they launched their Make Time for Snack Time campaign in NYC. When people visit and join the Make Time for Snack Time campaign, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs up to $250,000. Plus, with each spin you make (you can visit again and again!) you’ll get an incredibly sweet delicious recipe for a healthy snack! The recipes are divine and most of them are easy enough even kids can do with a little help from Mom.

Jennifer happily joined our crew of little chefs to make perfect parfaits and mini pita pizzas. She visited every family in the room and was totally adorable with kids. She wowed Mackenzie as she tried to guess her birthday when I told Jennifer that Kenzie was almost the exact same age as her cutie Violet.

Events where we can bring the kids are fantastic.  And having a down to earth celebrity attend that was generous with her time and looked thrilled to be there was wonderful too! Frigidaire truly made this a family affair. The kids were enthralled and entertained by Magician Max before  the snack time demo and afterwards while we got some bonus time with Jennifer. Kenzie is still going on about this magic show 2 days later!

Kenzie and Nate (Whitney from Mommies with Style’s little boy and Kenzie’s new favorite little boy.She’s since requested a play date with him and that it be a “drop off” playdate!)

And yes, I did profess my Alias obsession to her at the coaxing of my girlfriends.  I felt a little embarrassed about confessing my fan status, but she just rolled with it and made me feel so comfortable. My blogging girls told her all about my Halloween costume, the  “photo”, and how my Mike looked so much like Agent Vaughn played by Michael Vartan .  She asked to see the picture and totally loved my outfit  and agreed Mike was a ringer for Agent Vaughn. And she was quick to report the  happy scoop that  Michael Varten is now engaged and getting married.

So of course we took a photo of me with her… holding my own photo to capture the moment.

And she thought it was so funny that I was explaining my costume to her in such detail – telling her it was based on the pilot episode, my pink wig & skull cap that Syd wore when scaling the roof in Tapai…… Jennifer was too cute laughing that well of course she gets it – she totally remembers the scene very well since she  “was there and all” playing the part of Sydney for real.

So we all got a great laugh out of it and took photos of me showing her my photo.  And yes, if you are thinking I look like I just won the lottery in these photos of me and my Alias idol –  I agree as that is how I felt after meeting her in person.  She did not disappoint and could not have been more cute, friendly, and down to earth.

When she asked how we all knew each other, we told her we were all online friends. She loved that and said she totally spends time online too and has her own online mommy group.  When I asked her if she reads blogs or which sites she likes, she laughed and said her online mommy group has no idea who she is in real life…. she said, “I’ll never tell. I tell those girls everything!”

Isn’t it wonderful that she can find friends online just like the rest of us to share her motherhood joys and trials? And if I were her, I’d never tell either!  The pressure of being a celebrity Mom of 2 young girls,  actress, and the paparazzi invading your life must seriously be stressful. As Moms, we all need a place where we  can share our lives and ask for advice without any pressure.

Reuniting with my “online” friends  in real life was wonderful too.  Here’s our group photo. Even Kenzie got to reconnect with her darling friend Natalie who she became best buddies with at Disney World during our Hanes press trip.

From left to right, (me, Selfish Mom, Mommies with Style, I’m Not Obsessed, MomGenerations, Role Mommy, and Cafe Mom.)

Thanks to Frigidaire for including Mackenzie and I at this event. It’s a day we’ll remember forever.

Disclosure:  Frigidaire paid for our travel to and from the event.

11 thoughts on “My Moment with Jennifer Garner”

  1. I’m a grandma still obsessed with “Alias” and Sydney Bristow. As a result, I’ve seen all of Ms. Garner’s movies. Now snacks for my granddaughter! How absolutely cool!

  2. Yeah!! I loved reading this. You are so cute in your detail too. I had her on in Chicago and thought the same thing. Sweetest. Celeb. Ever!!!!! Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. OMG Colleen – how totally fun! Looks like you had a fantastic time and how amazing to get to meet Jennifer Garner after all the hours invested into Alias :).

  4. wow, col ur dream finally came true. You met ur idol. Kenzie looked so cute. Looked like a great day.

  5. Wow! That looks like it was a lot of fun!

    that is so cute that you had your picture of you as Sydney Bristow! I never watched Alias but my friend is so obsessed.

    Weren’t her and Michael Vartan married for awhile?

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