My Superhero Princess

Last week Kenzie and I had a “Mommy and Daughter” day with Allison, Kelli and all the little girls. We hit the King of Prussia Mall for the Disney Store’s free “Princess Training” class. What a fun day. The kids learned the princess wave, curtsy, princess posture, and more. Everyone got a free snack and 20% off any Disney Princess item in the store. We scored a Tiana nightgown for K that she can’t wait to wear in Florida.

All the girls dressed up in Princess costume with the exception of Kenzie. Her new thing is the Superhero Princess. She wonders if we’ll see one next week at Disney. I suspect not.
But Mom and Dad are thrilled with how confident she was in herself wearing her choice cape while everyone else was in Princess garb. That girl of mine is one cool cat.

3 thoughts on “My Superhero Princess”

  1. We had this event here at a Cleveland mall too. My daughter loved it. We didn't get 20% off though. I'm jealous! Love the superhero princess! Very cute.

  2. Love that your daughter was brave enough for that outfit! I bought my nieces capes from because I was tired of them always wanting to be the trapped princess in teh tower. C’mon ladies! Let’s not wait around for prince charming! I know, I know, they were 7 and 5, but still…have to learn early, right?

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