My Voice Over as Olaf in Disney’s Frozen #DisneyFrozenEvent

Disney is all about creating the magic, so what better way to experience the magic than to let ordinary people like me attempt to VOICE a character at Disney’s Animation Studios? While I was out in LA earlier this month for the premier of Disney’s FROZEN, I had the chance to actually VOICE Olaf, the ever lovable snowman sidekick from Frozen.

And yes, if you watch this little clip below you will hear ME as Olaf. Too funny.

Disney animation studios Voice Lab

It was a blast, although as you can tell from this clip, I definitely will NOT be hired anytime soon for voice over work. With a bit more practice, my timing would definitely improve as the studio truly gives you great prompts on screen showing the countdown of 3-2-1 and when your supposed to speak.

My mistakes were somewhat hilarious and it took me 3 takes to ALMOST get it right as I’d be talking as Olaf when Anna was speaking instead of the other way around!

Did you know that typically voices are recorded before the animation? This helps make the animation jive even better to the voice. Cool!

Despite my lack of skill, hearing myself voice Olaf is a TOTAL thrill and my kids absolutely LOVE it. They are AMAZED at the magic!

Olaf is my kids favorite character from FROZEN. Really, a snowman that loves the heat is irresistible!


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Note: Thanks to Disney for paying our travel expenses to attend the Frozen premiere and press event. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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