My Wired 3 Year Old and the iPod Touch

Kenzie loves technology and is all over the iPod Touch. Watch her select just the right lighter, open it up and start the flame! Very cute. Her and 10 month old Kyle are actually fighting over Daddy’s iPod Touch all the time. Big hint for Santa – I’m hoping for one of these in my stocking this Christmas. And I’m mortified to admit it but I believe my 3 year old will be the one teaching me how to operate it !

Kenzie only turned 3 this week. Do you think we’re letting her use our high tech gadgets too soon??? Or do you think learning technology for this generation will be just as important as learning their ABC’s???

2 thoughts on “My Wired 3 Year Old and the iPod Touch”

  1. Well I 3 year old wouldn't leave my iPhone alone loves to play Need For Speed Undercover, I hope I'm not teacher her that speeding is ok lol. So any who introduced her to my iPod classic and now that's all she wants to play with so I just went and bought her an iPod nano pink of course.

    So no 3 isn't to early to become a geek

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