My Wired Life…….

I suspect my household could not get more wired. Think 1 Desktop with 2 humongous monitors to make web design and toggling between websites ultra seamless. One laptop for Mommy to blog. A keyboard for our TV to surf the web with our Nintendo Wii. A bonus extra mini laptop to bring here there and everywhere. And let’s not forget our iPod Touch – our super powerful and sleek ticket to unlimited info with a few taps of our fingertips.

I find my wired life convenient and intellectually stimulating. It enriches the lives of our children as the potential for entertainment and education is unlimited. Mackenzie, almost 3, loves typing on the laptop and manipulates the iPod Touch to hear her favorite tunes – Backyardigans and Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom. We google pictures or video of whatever she aspires to learn. Last month was a chrysalis when we found the cocoon of a Monarch Butterfly and this week she’s been asking for Tornados thanks to her obsession with the Wizard of Oz.

Do you think we are over the top with computers?

PS. We’re late adopters – or I guess cheaper – with all things TV related – like we finally got a “High Def” TV last year but are still seeing the silver screen old school style as we’re sticking with our $16 cable package until the switch to digital this coming year. Just not enough time in our days for TV given our wired lives.

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